*Changing Needs in a Post Fan Situation*
By: K
10 October 2008

So you’ve carefully calculated how much food you eat each month and how much water you use and even how long your toilet paper and cleaning supplies will last and you think you’re set for a post fan situation. Or are you? Have you considered how lifestyle changes in a post fan situation will affect your needs? Here are some questions to think about:

How many meals do you regularly eat outside the home? Will your stores handle the increase in at home eating if these occasions become a thing of the past?

Business lunches
Cafeteria or eating out for lunch on a normal work day
School lunches
Eating out as a family
Date night meals or other special occasions

How many family members are out of the house most of the day who might be home full time in a post fan situation and how would that effect your needs?

Increased use of home bathroom – need more toilet paper, water, and cleaning supplies. A bathroom that is used all day needs more cleaning than one that only sees use first thing in the morning and at bed time.
Increased at home cooking – more food, more power needed (electric or gas), more dishes to wash (dish soap and water)
More general household cleaning

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