*Cloth Maps*
By: Ian

How to make an escape map


I am the happy owner of a couple of WW2 prisoner escape maps printed on silk. I was thinking of how convenient they are and suddenly the penny dropped.

Off to the shops and bought a packet of T-Shirt transfer paper (I used Hewlett-Packard C6050A A4 T-Shirt Transfers).

Scan in map in A4

Print to transfer paper.

Iron transfer paper to old cotton handkerchief

Voila, a flexible map/handkerchief. Not exactly printed and only A4 but with a little skill obviously two or more may be transferred side by side. A little stiff but that goes with time and washing. Visual detail is very good. The transfer is supposed to withstand many, many cotton washes with detergent so it must wear well.

Will it last? I buried one in the potato patch about six inches down six months ago. Took it out and hosed it off. Perfect. I suppose the cotton will rot eventually. Perhaps it is possible to print on silk, I havenít tried.

How about a unique headscarf for the wife with all the maps and routes necessary marked on it? Or even on a T-shirt or underpants for the BOB! Donít forget double sided!


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