*Some SOLUTIONS to being COLD!*
By: CountryLady
31 October 2005

Be aware of Safety First~!
~ ANY flame uses oxygen, including 'vent-free' heaters.
~ Open a window a little when using space heaters in small areas.
~ Space Heaters cause many Home Fires.

Some SOLUTIONS to being COLD are...
~ Try to adjust to cold weather gradually
~ Have backup heaters
~ Use a variety of fuels
~ Seal all cracks
~ Have a rug on the floor
~ Insulate the floor, walls, ceiling
~ Install plastic over the windows outside
~ Install window quilts inside
~ Heat only a small space
~ Have everything you will need with you
~ Limit going in and out
~ Use a camp porta-potty in the room
~ Keep the humidity high
~ Be as active as possible
~ Drink warm liquids often
~ Avoid smoking, caffeine & alcohol
~ Keep refrigerator/freezer door closed
~ Stay dry
~ Don't GET cold
~ Wear warm shoes & socks
~ Keep feet & hands as warm as possible
~ Wear layers of clothing
~ Avoid elastic on legs & arms
~ Wear hat & gloves indoors
~ Wrap pots of hot water in towels to warm feet
~ Wrap firebricks in towels to hold
~ Use hot castiron pans to warm beds
~ Microwave 2 cups rice in a sock for 1 minute
~ Put tinfoil in hats
~ Keep ears covered
~ Put tinfoil, then cardboard in shoes
~ Use wool socks, hats and blankets
~ Setup a tent to hold in body heat
~ Cuddle & snuggle w/ people & pets
~ Create a loft for sleeping
~ Sleep with warm clothes on
~ Use an electric blanket
~ Cover your head when sleeping

~ Check on elderly neighbors
~ Don't expect Fireplaces to be warm
~ Build 'Heat Grabbers' before it gets cold

All the Best,

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