*Heads Up Colorado Hunters*
By: CabGuy
08 August 2003

This is a heads up for all hunters heading out to Colorado for this years hunting season. "Starting with 2000 hunting seasons, any hunter riding an ATV on public or private land in Colorado will be required to keep rifles and bows completely unloaded (chambers and magazine) and inside a closed case".

If you're headed to hunt Colorado with your ATVs, you want to read this first. Last year I found this out first hand when I was hauling in a weeks worth of gear. The packhorse that once dominated the elk camp is slowly trotting away, eased aside by the new gasoline-powered versions. An ATV also provides quicker access to the high country where most of the big animals call home during the warm temperatures of the early seasons. After you down a big animal in the rough country, the use of a ATV is really appreciated. If you ever had to quarter a heavy animal out and then haul it serval miles to camp using manpower alone, it is easy to gain some respect for these four-wheeled work horses.

Due to safety concerns, the Colorado Wildlife Commission recently enacted a rule that will effect all hunters with ATVs. It was listed in the regulation booklet, but in small print, you have to do some looking to find it.

Your rifle, shotgun, or bow needs to be in a fully enclosed case- No exceptions. The answer is a ATV Gun Protector. If you invested several thousands in a ATV, rifle, and hunt trip, this is a must.

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