*Those Indispensible diaper wipes*
By: Stoney
22 January 2005

Being a father has taught me one thing, diaper wipes have an unlimited amount of uses. They're not just for wiping smelly baby bottoms. I now keep them in my fishing tackle, truck toolbox, and just about anywhere I might need a quick cleanup. I have found nothing better for cleaning my computer monitor screen than a wet wipe and then a bath towel to wipe off the soap. I keep a small ziploc with wipes in my hunting day pack to wash up before eating when I'm spending all day on a deer stand.

The one thing I notice about most wipes is that they are very tough unlike a paper towel or toilet paper. I've never had to reuse one yet but depending on the application I'm sure you could probably rinse off the dirt and keep using. Most folks whether they're hunting/fishing or hiking probably carry some toilet paper in their pack in case nature call when your away from sanitary facilities. You know the drill: dig a hole, do your business, cover up like a cat. How do you wash your hands when your done? If you had a ziploc bag of wipes with you clean up would be a one minute ordeal and you wouldn't have to waste water from your canteen. Just remember in a bug out situation or post event situation that cleanliness will be paramount to your survival. Germs can put you out of commission in a hurry and e-coli can kill you.

Wipes are a cheap solution for easy cleanup on the go. We carry them in our vehicles for spills and accidents. We usually use the unscented kind because I don't want to smell like perfume and our oldest son has allergies. I highly recommend the unscented wipes for any hunting or fishing uses as the perfume might keep you from catching any fish or scare your game. Once you have a couple of the bulk containers that wipes come in you can purchase the refill packs for a fraction of the cost. My opinion the refill packs will work better for long term storage than the plastic containers that wipes come in.

I've only scratched the surface with uses for baby diaper wipes but I feel they have a viable use and should be included among our preps.

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