*Spike's Homebrew MRE*
By: Spike
29 April 2007

I love making my own gear and accessories (although sometimes bought is better) and this is the case of one time when I get to put my own stuff together.

We've seen other's ideas on making an "M.R.E." (and as we know, covering a subject more than once is great due to varied ideas and points of view) and here's yet another way.

Spike's Homebrew M.R.E.:

1. Onion Soup Mix
2. Snack baggie with rice (believe it's 1 cup)
3. Homebrew Accessory Pack (see my "Accessory Packs" article)
4. 2 small Nestle Crunch bars
5. KoolAid! single, pre-sweetened
6. 2-3 plastic spoons
7. Foil packed Starkist tuna
8. Apples & Cinnamon oatmeal
9. 2 packs of hot cocoa
10. Apples & Cinnamon Fruit & Grain bar
11. Honey Roasted peanuts
12. Salt & Pepper for seasoning!
13. Tea Pack (see contents)

Tea Pack Contents:
2 Tea bags
6 Sugar Packets
2 Ezy-Doze pill bags filled with non-dairy creamer
All fits in to a snack baggie!

And everything fits in to a Ziploc 1 Quart freezer bag nicely! If you're paranoid about it opening and spilling contents, you can tape it shut or flip it upside down and put it in another Ziploc!


Now I have multiple warm beverages, main entree, snacks, eating utensils and an accessory pack! And the weight on these isn't bad at all!

***WARNING*** Be careful in what you choose to put in here. Stuff that you just add water to isn't bad but watch out for other foods. Powerbars will freeze in the winter and melt in the summer. Chocolate bars will do the same and so on. Put a little thought as to what the current conditions are and what you should add. Also pay attention to expiration dates on your items! By the looks of this one, the peanuts will expire in a few months!


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