*How about a Disposable CACHE !*
By: LrrpScout
10 November 2005

As we all know, a CACHE is a place to stash some goodies that we want to come back and retrieve at a later time when we may need them. Even though the Army may have ruined my grammar (Is it pronounced "CASH" or "CASH-AY"?) at least I know what the word means, no matter how you pronounce it.

What do we put in our cache? Equipment, food, first aid, ammo, etcÖ.Right?

Well, hereís an idea about putting to use those extra items that take up all that valuable space in the garage or basement. If you are like me (Rubie, you know who you are) you have 2 or possibly 3 of everything in new or near new condition. You also have a few "spares" around.

But, what about those worn items that may still have just a little bit of life left, but you just canít bear to toss them out (because you know as soon as itís on the garbage truck youíll need it)? Simple solution, put them in your "DISPOSABLE CACHE" ! Meaning, why not set up a little mini Bug Out Emergency Re-supply?

Hereís the idea, find a location along your bug out route, preferably on public land (woods are best), and set up a SMALL cache of items that could save your kiester if you were to become separated from your BOB, BOV, or your team. And the nice thing about it, it is practically free, if you use extra stuff you have lying around, and it sure beats throwing it all out. Worst case, you never use it and you didnít loose hardly anything.

Hereís the suggested content:

Old work boots, DATREX bars (yeah, I know how repulsive they are, but calories are calories), matches/Bic lighter, old transistor radio, batteries, first aid, extra ammo (cheap Wolf is fine), space blankets, plastic sheeting, old socks, baby wipes/TP, coffee, bullion, tuna, sugar, MRE/Dinty Mooreís, road flares, that old .38 you got at a flea market, tampons/sanitary napkins (will plug up a bullet wound donít ya know), compass, maps, portable aqua tablets, etc, etc, etc.

All this stuff should fit in a 5 gallon plastic bucket. Throw in some dissicant and get a NEW lid and a tube of 100% silicone caulk form the home center. Remove the rubber gasket from the lid, put a bead of silicone in the groove and replace the gasket. Then, put down another bead of silicone on top of the gasket and snap the lid on ( a big rubber mallet works great to seat the lid).

Research your bug out route, take a day or two and hike it with your BOB to see how it goes. Take notes and find several locations (mark your map) and pick one that suits you best. Memorize the location (landmarks, roads, etc).Return to the chosen site at night with your e-tool, and a partner to watch your six while you are digging, and burry it 6 inches below the surface. And thatís about it.

You put in a little effort, and you might have spent about $20 bucks, but the insurance of having a back up, even if it is not all that elegant, is well worth it. Those old boots will be worth way more than their weight in gold if TSHTF . Heck, those Datrex bars might even taste good right about now!


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