*DIY Water Filter*
A $60 Berkey Alternative
By: BackDoc
27 July 2012

I always thought the Berkey type water filters were a good idea, but I really did not want to commit the financial resources to purchase one. I began to look at alternatives. I had seen the DIY one made with 5 gallon buckets but did not like using plastic, even if it was food grade. One day, I was at the local dollar store (DEALS) and spotted some cheaply made and inexpensive stainless steel pots. They were too thin for any serious cooking, but should work well for a water filter. At $10 each, I thought it was worth a try. I checked the length of the Berkey filter and, at around 9", they are too long to work with the pots. But, a ceramic dome filter is available from
for $27.50. I bought a filter and spigot. It works great with this application.

The finished product:



In my application, we have a section of cabinets that are only 12" deep. The filter sits on this counter top with just enough room to fill your glass with water. Using clean water, I scrub the pots and ceramic filter with a scotch brite pad, clean water and no soap.

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