*Doggie Doo Bag Gloves*
By: John1lt
29 April 2024

Back when the pandemic started and there was a shortage on medical supplies I looked for an alternative for disposable gloves. Having a couple of dogs gave me an idea. To extend our supply of disposable gloves I decided instead of using exam gloves for some task where I didn't want to touch objects that people in public also touched, like the gas pump nozzle when fueling the car, I would use doggie doo bags. You know the ones that come in a roll small enough to put in your pocket or in the car. These are cheap and even during the pandemic easy to obtain just about anywhere. No one was panic buying these.

I purchased 1000 bags for $19.99 at the time online. Food service grade disposable vinyl gloves were 200 for $40.30. big price difference for something I was going to throw away immediately after use. The doggie doo bags are not good for task that require much dexterity with your fingers and are very loose but for using the gas pump or opening doors these work fine. The looseness is a draw back as the bags tend to want to fall off your hand unless your holding something in your hand with the bag. I figured the 2 cent price vs the 20 cent price made the hassle worth it to me especially considering the supply shortage and price increases of disposable gloves and masks.


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