*Tightening Up Yer Door*

Get Rid of that Draft

By Jaden

01 January 2004


BRRRRRR…… It’s windy & cold outside and there is a draft blowing around the edges of your door. This doesn’t sound too bad, but that little bit of cold air is killing your heating bill. If the grid power was down and you were on backup, you’ll definitely want to keep it ALL inside.

We live in an old house and there isn’t much insulation and most of the doors are pretty old. There is a room off the back of the kitchen that isn’t heated. On a windy night we could feel a draft coming thru the door. Time to put an end to that.

Picked up some weather stripping at the hardware store.

Here’s the victim

This old junk didn’t do too much

Weather stripping is usually mounted to the door case like the stuff above. This new stuff I bought has adhesive. It was easier to mount the stripping to the door in this instance.

I got on the backside of the door and traced around the case. Then all I had to do was run the stripping down the line. Simple huh?


I started at the top and ran the strip down. Then just cut it with scissors at the bottom. Then to ensure that the adhesive doesn’t fail, I stapled it every 1 foot or so. Now it can’t fall off.

Staple gun

Now when it came to doing the hinged side of the door I kept the stripping on the door. The gap between the case & door was to big to stick it in here.

Normally it’d go where the brown strip is and jam between the door & case.

You can see how I did mine.

The white strip is the seal

I had to run a small piece of wood across the bottom to mount the seal on.


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