*FiFi Ain't Gonna Make it, Are you?*
By: Warlord
25 January 2007

In Our society's Quest to make "Pocket dogs" for Mee-maws and people that want "Dogs that stay little and Cute forever", We've doomed these species if TS ever Hits TF... Sadly, Many PEOPLE are doomed also due to society being so artificially "Safe" that they don't actually have to THINK to live... right now.

This article isn't actually about "The Survival of Dogs", Although I use them here as examples of Stupidity... It's mainly about PEOPLE that have been dumbed down to the point where they BELIEVE things they have never TRIED, and they feel qualified to give advice to others. And some people wrote a book once!!!! Full of unrealistic survival scenarios! And that gives them the some Guru-like ability to give out survival information (Information That's just as wrong as the fictional info they gave out in their Fiction book(s))...

But back to Dogs for a second... I've seen a LOT of dog packs over the years.. people come out here to the country and put out grandma's pets after she dies (Ya'll know how I feel about that.. There's a special Hell for these people, right next to Child Molesters and people that talk in the Theater), 'Cause us country folks just can't get enough stray cats and dogs to meet our "needs" on the Farm (Idiots)... and the "pets" meet up with other Dogs that were once pets that got put out, and they form Packs... Packs that have no natural fear of humans... Pets that will tear up your children and live stock when desperate enough.

"FiFi" never makes it... I've never seen a little Yippie Dog in a wild dog pack. They've been "bred down", like many people, to the point where they CAN'T survive on their own.

I figure a year after H5N1, or some other large disaster, sweeps through, what's left after people turn pets out to fend for themselves, will be Pit-Bulls and other large breeds, and they won't be "Friendly". There will be a LOT of dogs that have to be put down, Because once a dog goes wild, you can't EVER trust it again.. too unpredictable.

Sadly, this is typical of how many Survivalists "Plan".. they don't think, and worse, they don't TRY IT before recommending it to others...

Make plans that include your pets.. you picked up the responsibility, it's yours... you don't just "Plan to turn them loose". That's not a plan, that's a LACK of a plan.. Put a bullet in their brain pan before you just "Turn them out".

In a "Survival Documentary" about Backyard Shelters that's making the rounds on TV, one of the guys being interviewed casually says they don't stock dog food for their dog... "He'll have to be on his own"..

Just where does that Dill-hole think his dog is gonna go to be "On His own"? It's going to attack the first child it comes across once it gets hungry enough... Cosmic Karma would say that when he throws the hatch cover back to come above ground after being in his shelter for 3 months, that dog rips his face off when his head pops up out of the hatch.

THIS is just ONE example of Self proclaimed "Experts" not thinking, And having NO actual survival experience, yet giving advice about "What they are gonna do", and telling others what they should do (How many people will see that and say "Well, I guess I'll have to turn my dogs out too, I'm too stupid and cheap to think up a viable plan for the dog, or to simply stock food for it and train it to "potty" in a kiddy pool full of dirt (or better yet, clumping cat litter) with a large stone in the middle to Aim at to pee.... and I'm too cowardly to put it down").

He's going to turn his pet out during a disaster, and make YET ANOTHER danger for the rest of us to deal with.

I swear there oughta be a license required to give out survival info.. cause the more Frack-nuts I see doing it, the more I realize that most of these "New Experts" (People that somehow suddenly became "experts" since 9/11) don't have a frackin CLUE... All most of them are going to do is make things worse for the rest of us (Wow, I've been living in a hole and eating stored foods and breathing filtered air for 6 months, and NOW I get to come above ground and deal with YOUR wild animals.. Gee, thanks!)

Or the people that CONFIDENTLY tell me that "N-95 masks are THE masks to have for H5N1 because in their research (Which doesn't include ACTUALLY WEARING ONE FOR 12 HOURS, it just includes reading the Manufacturer's "Perfect World" Spec Sheets) they've found them to be better and more cost effective than the N100's which are more expensive and in Short supply"...

Hmmmm... "More expensive, and in short supply".. that should be a clue right there... lots of people want them... and if you've ACTUALLY TRIED various masks MANY TIMES for MANY HOURS you learn that the N95 gets wet from breath moisture after about 30 minutes, and you can't breath through them.. to make matters worse, you start sticking your tongue out to push the sopping wet mask off your face, and as our lab tests proved, a wet mask doesn't filter AT ALL.

So You're putting your tongue against a mask that's full of Virions and not filtering them out... Whereas an N-100 with an exhaust valve can EASILY last 12 hours... so You spent 8 bux on ONE N100 mask with an exhaust valve.. or you spent 12-30 dollars on N95 masks, changed every 30 minutes, for 12 hours... YEAH, N95's are a REAL savings! NOT! And we won't even get into the HUGE differences in quality between different masks, and how they are stored (Was your "Dust Mask" stored next to chemicals in the Big-Chain hardware store's warehouse?)

Actually we Cheated.. One of our Doctor Members put his ER staff into various masks for their 12 hour shift, and then listened to the complaining and made notes :)... THAT is Facta Non Verba.

Or there's the Guy that BELIEVES society is going to go through a MAJOR disaster, yet he's on the internet making a total fool of himself and making enemies left and right. He has NO friends, He talks to HIMSELF pretending that he's friends with his "Other Selfs" so other people will think people have met this fruit cake and he's an OK Guy (One of his "Other Selfs" said he was OK, so it MUST be true... We've actually met the guy, he's WAY out there), He has VERY little in the way of Survival Preps (His wife won't "Allow" him to prep), He has a Laughable Security set up.. He's basically on his own, and yet he thinks it's fun to hide behind his keyboard and gibber at people, He simply can't control himself, he couldn't stop if he wanted to... how long is he gonna last if society grinds to a halt with all the enemies he's made?
"I believe Society will come apart at the seams, so now, while times are good, I'm gonna make everyone that lives near me actively hate my guts"...
VERY Cosmopolitan!

And the person that writes ME for some unexplained reason to tell me that "If things got that bad, they wouldn't want to live anyway" (Like *I* care?)... Do they have an "off switch" on the back of their head like C3P0? They "Wouldn't want to live anyway", but when you ask them how they plan to kill themselves, they don't have an answer... They "Assume" that they'll just die in the crises.. but when they DON'T die, are they REALLY gonna commit suicide? I HIGHLY doubt it.. Nope, they'll be alive, and suddenly realize that they have NO preps.. well, YOU should GIVE them YOUR preps! It's only fair (What happened to "I wouldn't want to live any way"? Shouldn't they wander off and silently starve to death?).

Nope, in 1945 in Minnesota, an experiment was commissioned by the United States Government to test, under controlled circumstances, the effect that starvation had on paid volunteer test subjects.. the outcomes were SHOCKING! What even the most religious people would do to get food... it scared them so much the test had to be shut down after only 16 days!!! And these were PAID people that KNEW what the test was about!

One Jewish female victim of Nazi concentration camps said this: "after 18 days of starvation I developed an amoral, even immoral, will to live. Nothing else counted but that I wanted to live, I was willing to steal from Husband, Child, Parent or friend in order to accomplish this, therefore every day I disciplined myself with a sort of low, savage cunning to bend every effort, devote every fiber of my being, to do those things that would make my survival possible. I plotted ways to assure that others would die so that I could have even the smallest portion of their food. I didn't care if the dead be child or relation, anyone weaker or less careful than I was a potential victim and I banded with others to accomplish these horrid deeds".

Yeah, They're just going to suddenly turn themselves off and die.. I don't think so...

So Folks, Don't EVER feel bad for people I don't "Straighten out" when they write me with WAY wrong info and I don't correct them... I don't have time to correct everyone that writes to me with their untried, untested, WRONG "Plans"... My Responsibility is to the Rubicon's Members.. People that ACTIVELY help each other learn, test, try, spend money on testing, spend hours trying various survival preps and methods, etc, etc,... with ALL of us doing this, we get the best, tested, PROVEN info that can be had... As for people that Just e-mail me, All I can do is reply "Good for You! Good Luck with that"! If they are that wrong with that much confidence, they're going to be out of the gene pool no matter what *I* say to them.. the ability to survive has been bred out of them, Just like poor little FiFi.

If YOU haven't tested it, it doesn't work!
If YOU haven't tried YOURS, then it doesn't work!


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