*The water filter case or quick cache tube or…*
By: ARKit
30 August 2004

One day as I was browsing through Lowe’s hardware contemplating the use of things out of context, I ran an item of interest. It was a plastic tubular welding rod holder.

Once I saw this, my mind began racing with ideas. The bright red color had to go but the basic design was great. A screw cap with a waterproof o-ring…Hmmmm.

With this tube having a 4 inch diameter and length over 18 inches long, it has a lot of potential. I sanded the outside rough and gave it a quick OD paint job. After many different uses, the best I have come up with so far is a hard case for my water filter. I use the Katadyn Combi and pocket filters.

I also carry a filter extension hose to reach difficult spots. Either filter fits in this perfectly. I use a little foam padding on one end and the coiled rubber hose on the other. The top of the tube is perfect for a drinking cup.

These little beauties can be used for any type of storage that requires a protected environment and sturdy construction. They are reasonably priced, light weight and do not raise any eyebrows when buying them.

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