*Waders For Fishing*
By: Cabguy
28 April 2003

Fishing is one of the oldest ways man has gained substance from the earth. I feel this is a much over looked area when it comes to survival applications. One tool that will help all fishing applications if one does not have a boat is Fishing Waders.

Years ago rubber, booted-footed waders were your only choice. They kept water out, but they didn't breathe. If it was hot or you were doing a lot of hiking or walking, you were as wet as if the waders had a large hole in them.

The boot foot design was good for keeping your feet warm in cold weather and fine for walking on muddy bottom ponds, but they did not offer enough support for wading in quick moving water or standing on moss-covered rocks.

Neoprene Waders addressed many of the problems of rubber waders but they still were not perfect for all situations. They fit well and work pretty well for cold fishing conditions. In addition to cold weather protection, neoprene is a stretchable material, which allows waders to fit better so its easier to walk and move. However, they do have a down side; if it is hot or you are on the move, their insulating properties are too good. While neoprene still fill some rolls especially well, several different materials have been developed in the past few years that offer fisherman more choices than ever before.

I find the best of both worlds is Breathable Waders. The reasons; they are lightweight to wear fit well and because of their permeable membrane, allow moisture vapor to escape through the wader - even while under water! All this while maintaining the one necessary attribute of waders - keeping you dry.

With waders the fisherman is able to get to the fish and stay dry... a tool everyone should have.

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