*Food & Water Stores*
By: Eli
21 february 2003

Food stores before Making stores

Tactical shopping philosophy-

Buy what you and your family will eat.

Living in an area made up of small communities, everybody knows what everybody else is doing. I do not shop at the same store twice in a row. I usually bounce around between 3-4 different towns and jumble up what stores I go to. I can literally round over a shopping cart for $110 bux.

Plausible denial- People are nosy and want to know your business. I am usually alone while shopping. Some guy saw me with a bunch of noodles and spaghetti sauce in my cart and commented about it. My reply was that I like spaghetti. Another answer that will throw people for a loop is "Itís a secret"Öof course theyíll say, "what do you mean itís a secret?" *now theyíre really interested* the answer that follows is "Itís a polite way of saying itís none of your F*bleep* business." I learned that one from JW.

Common answers in places where people donít know me may include-

The "Itís a secret" phrase (make sure to watch their facial expression) and try not to laugh ;o)

"I have a girlfriend and kid at home to support."

"College guys like to eat."

Any legitimate answer will take care of peopleís curiosity. Works every time!

I go food shopping just about every paycheck. I spend $100 every time and round the cart over. It doesnít take long to start having a good home food supply.

So once you have your food and go through the tactical shopping phase, now what do you do? How are you going to store it?

I occasionally have mice that get into the house. Olí Tom Cat keeps them under close supervisionÖ crunch crunch crunch

I need to keep my food mouse proofed just incase one slips by Tom. (very seldom) Tin cans work great and are decorative. Tupperware also is good.

(Food Stores Before)

(Food stores now)

Your food should be labeled with the month & year that it was bought. As new food is purchased rotate the older stuff to the front and eat it first.

I estimate that I have enough food to last 1 year and enough water for 8 months.

Now that you have food, how are you going to cook it?

Coleman stoves

If a Coleman stove(s) fails, do you have a back up plan? BBQ grill or woodstove? Can you cook over an open fire? Can you even start a fire? Open fire will never fail provided you have a fuel (wood) supply for it and know how to start & maintain a fire. I have the capabilities to have an open fire inside my houseÖ Donít askÖ ;o)


Assess what you need water for such as food preparation, washing, sanitation, drinking etc. How much do you use per day? How much do you need to store? Will it freeze while stored? Water is the basis of life.

Label and date your water. I change mine once a year. Donít waste your old water. Use it to water a garden or the lawn with or mop the floor.

During the summer months when water heats up it will expand causing the containers to bloat. Periodically crack open the covers to relieve the pressure.

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