*Garden Tips*

Dual use for Eggshells

If you use seeds for your garden and want to save a little money as well as putting some added nutrients to the seedlings, plant the seeds in eggshells! Save your eggshells during the year until you have enough for your planting. Put a little potting soil into each shell and plant your seeds. When the seedling get big enough to plant in the garden just crush the shell as you put the plant in the hole, shell and all. As times goes on the shells will break down and release calcium and other essential minerals into the soil. This is especially useful with tomatoes because the extra calcium will help prevent blossom end rot.

Garden Dusting Tip

If you need to put out any kind of "dust" for gardens or yards, just take your wife or mother’s old knee high hose or pantyhose pour the dust inside. While holding the hose shut just give a shake or two over the plant or whatever you want to dust. The hose will "sift" the powder and a fine dust will fall where you want it. It works best on flour type dusts such as Sevin Dust. When you finish your "dusting" job or the hose gets worn out just throw it away and get another! Most women will have a few old ones lying around the house so you shouldn’t run out of them.


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