*Making Mo Space In Your Freezer*

& Sizing Meals to You

By Jaden

14 February 2004


We have a small 7.0 cu/ft freezer. Itís actually a lot bigger that it sounds. Anyway, when we go shopping we try to get the most for less. Today we did some grocery shopping and picked up a bunch of meats. Instead of just throwing it all in the freezer hereís what we do.

Most of the meats are removed from their original packing and divided up into Ziplock bags.

Weíre a small family and wonít eat a big tray of chicken in during one meal. It only makes sense to lessen the portion. That way none of itís wasted.

For example:

Here are 3 nice juicy steaks. They were in a Styrofoam tray that is about 2 sizes too BIG. Why waste valuable freezer space with a Ĺ empty package?

I easily fit those into 1 1qt Ziplock.

Whenever you remove something from itís packaging make sure you stick a date on the new package. If youíre not good at telling the difference in frozen meats, also write the contents on the bag.

Got a good deal on a 5lb bag of hot dogs. I figured that weíd eat 8 per meal so thatís what each bag contains.


You can fit a lot more Ziplocks in a freezer than you can those big trays.

The freezer is literally almost stuffed. These bags fit into small areas right nice too.


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