*I Hate Plumbing*
By: Warlord
24 March 2014

I've mentioned that I HATE Plumbing once or twice (a day, Sometimes "Per Hour"), right?

I've been trying to COMPLETELY Rip out the old "CPVC" Plumbing that was, uhh… (OK, there's no descriptor that I can think of currently) - AND the Drains, AND the Bathroom Water Faucets, AND, AND, AND…

Being "Goal Oriented", I can't sleep until whatever is on my mind gets OFF my mind, and I've been trying to MAKE myself Fix those HATEFUL, USELESS, little Bathroom Faucets for 3 years now! For about a Year, THIS sign to myself has been hanging on my mirror over one of these "Sinks" in the Master Bathroom...

See, Well... It's easier just to look at the pics....

But then I kept hearing "Drip...... drip, drip..... DRIP...." and realized it was coming from BEHIND the Area under the Bathroom Counters where the Old Original Plumbing is.... We have Large "Copper" for the MAIN lines, but everything that comes above the floor level, is CPVC or PVC, Etc...

So, Being "Me", I HAVE to track down this HATEFUL dripping Noise I hear once in a while when the county ramps up the water pressure REALLY high, or it TRIES to drop lower than *I* like and MY pumps kick on to keep our Pressure up HERE..

.... and THUS Doth the Saga Begin....

Time to rip it ALL out, and replace and Upgrade that Cheap-Trash Rotted-Pipe-Crap, with Faucets in the Bathrooms so small you have to wash your hands in Sections while Continuously adjusting the water flow. Again, Just "No"!

I WANTED a Blu-Ray Disk Player for my Computer... Been kinda saving for one, since I have a HUGE tower Case and FOUR DVD Players/Burners in it already. So, I figured a Blu-Ray Bay would be nice to have, in case I ever get to WATCH (a few minutes at a time - between jobs) one of the Blu-Ray Movies I have on hand.

But the Re-Plumbing and new Fixtures was higher on the Priority list, so the money went to that, and I just tightened the last fitting on the last Faucet in the Hallway Bathroom...

....at least I can brush my teeth now without starting out with the Water turned WIDE OPEN, only to have to OPEN IT WIDER AGAIN as it drops off to a tiny trickle of water over the time it takes me to brush my teeth (or Wash my hands, in Sections)... NOT a problem any longer!

NOW I can sleep... Or at least I probably could if I suddenly became able to "Rise from my chair" and make it toward the Bedroom... but I'm gonna put off trying THAT for a while... I can already tell that 3 days of Plumbing = "ain't gonna be able to move around much for a few days now"... SEE? Woulda been the PERFECT time to have a Blu-Ray Disk Player in my Computer! Figures... ;)

I HATE Plumbing!


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