*Hose Outlet for Apartment Dwellers*
By: Pyrotech
16 February 2003

OK, you just bought a few of the surplus 5-gallon water containers, only to find they don’t fit under the faucet. Now what? Well, you use the hose of course…. But wait, you live in an apartment with no washer hookup so you have no hose barb. Or do you?


There is a simple and cheap solution, Home Depot sells a chrome plate brass adapter that will screw onto your faucet and allow you to attach a garden hose.



Make sure you take your aerator (the piece you unscrew from the faucet that has the little brass screen on it) with you to Home Depot. There are several sizes and they come in either male or female threads. In order to save a trip take the aerator with you to match up to the adapter. The hose adapter is located in the plumping section by the repair parts. And will cost about 3 dollars.


You may need a pair of pliers to unscrew the aerator, If you do make sure you take care not scratch the chrome plating. Then, you attach the adapter to the faucet and attach the hose.

You now have a way of attaching a garden hose to kitchen sink, for what ever reason you may need it.

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