*Checklist- Seldom Thought of Preparations*

Sometimes the rarely thought of stuff matters

By Jaden

19 July 2003


I’m thinking about this on a long-term basis. Not 3-6 months…. More like 1 year +. You are hunkered down and cannot go to the store to get items. Do you have enough to last long term?

Some survival preps you might not think of on a normal basis, but will wish you had when needed-

Toiletries & hygiene-

Distilled H2O for batteries


Laundry soap/dish soap

Paper plates & utensils

Flashlight bulbs

Matches & lighters

Weapons cleaning kits and solutions

Screws, nails, nuts & bolts

Some misc. scrap wood for minor repairs

Rope (various sizes)

Electrical repair ie butt connectors, wire nuts, electrical tape, wire, fuses

Food condiments ie salt/pepper/spices/herbs/boullion cubes/syrup/molasses

Aluminum foil/saran wrap/garbage bags

Green pads/brillo pads/steel wool etc

Spare filters and parts for your BOV

Spare oil/washer fluid/tranny fluid/differential fluid/WD-40/starting fluid/dry gas etc

Extra light bulbs

Paper & pens

OTC meds & prescrip meds


I’m sure there’s about 100 other things, but this is what came off the top of my head.


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