*Job Applicants - the Employerís View*
By: Hayseed
19 April 2006

Okay, Iíll just lay it all out on the table. When applying for a job dress appropriately for that particular job. If youíre applying at a landscaping business, you donít have to wear a suit and tie, but be dressed accordingly in clean and hole free attire. First impressions are important and what the boss thinks of you may make or break your getting hired. So get cleaned up and act like youíve got some sense.

Use good manners and speak proper English (or Spanish or Antarctic penguin or whatever!). If you donít know what good manners are then learn! There is no excuse for ignorance, anyone can learn anything if they really want. Be able to carry on a polite conversation, yet donít get into personal information - either your own or theirs. Steer clear of politics and religion. Get rid of the bubble gum before asking for an application.

If you get to speak with the person doing the hiring and you were referred by someone else - say the name of the person who referred you. If that person is well thought of by the boss, youíve got a much better chance of getting on with that company. Of course this will work against you if the boss thinks the referral is a goober.

When asked for references, give the oneís who actually like you. I once called to check a reference only to be told that the applicant was a "complete loser". Make no mistake, most employers do check the potential employees references. This includes past work experience; the same "complete loser" also put down that he had worked at a particular company and when that was checked I found out they had never heard of him. Be honest!

Donít instantly think youíre worth "X" amount of dollars - youíre not worth anything until you prove your worth. Now this doesnít necessarily apply to professional jobs, but it does when you are starting at the bottom of that ladder! When I first started working I was earning less than minimum wage, but by the end of the summer I was making almost twice minimum wage.

When you work for a person for gosh sakes WORK for them! Nothing is worse than a slacker. People who are perpetually "on break" quickly build up resentment from not only the employers, but other workers as well. No one wants to have to do otherís work.

When going in to apply, have any information with you that you may possibly need. Memorizing your Social Security number is even better than having to look at the card, but if you have the card with you at least you can dig it out. Have work and character references ready with addresses and telephone numbers. Know your own contact information as well as emergency contact numbers.

When and if you get hired on, be on time for work and dressed properly. If work is weather related, have the clothing options with you (rainwear, steel toed boots, etc.) If you are sick, let the employer know at the earliest possible moment so he can make any necessary arrangements. If you have to leave early, let the boss know when you first find out, then remind him or her again the day before.

You donít have to be a rocket scientist to get ahead in life. You are exactly what you make yourself - no more and no less.

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