*Knots & Hitches Part I*


By Jaden

17 July 2003


Knowing how to tie some very easy and basic knots and hitches might just come in very handy someday.

I’ve used 2 different color ropes to help enhance the detail.

There are 2 main terms when it comes to a piece of rope.

Bitter End= The end you are working with-

Standing Part= The unused portion of rope-

Square Knot- Used for joining 2 ropes of EQUAL size. If you put a lot of strain on it, you won’t be able to untie it… oh well.

This knot is easy. Just remember, "left over right, right over left". You can also tie it "right over left, left over right". Just remember which one you do first and do the opposite next. Start off like you’re tying your shoe. I always go left first, then right. Then tie your shoe again the opposite way and you should come out w/ a square knot.


Left over right- Right over left- Tighten it up

Bowline- Used to put a "temporary" eye (loop) in the end of a rope.

No matter how much strain you put on a bowline, it’s easy to untie.

1. Take the bitter end of your rope and loop it OVER the standing part. This is called an "overhand loop"

  1. Then bring the bitter end through the bottom of the loop.
  2. Pass the bitter end around the BACK of the standing part and back down through the hole.


1 2 3

To untie the bowline- Turn the knot until you see this-

The line that passes over the standing part- just roll it towards the standing part and the knot will loosen right up.

Figure 8- a.k.a. stopper knot.

The figure 8 is used as a stopper knot. If you have a rope running through a pulley and need it to stop tie this knot and it’ll jam up in the pulley. You "should" be able to untie it.

  1. Pass the bitter end behind the standing part
  2. Place the bitter end in the loop you just made.
  3. Pull the bitter end through the loop and tighten.


1 2 3

Double Becket Bend- Used to join 2 ropes of UNEQUAL size

Like the square knot, you prolly won’t be able to untie it.

  1. Make an eye in the larger piece of rope.
  2. Bring the bitter end of the smaller rope through the back of the eye and around the back of BOTH strands of the bigger rope. Then pass the bitter end of the smaller rope under itself 2 times.
  3. Slide the smaller rope (as a unit) to the end of the eye and tighten by pulling on the standing part of the small line.


1 2 3

Clove Hitch- Used to secure a line to a round object… such as a pole

  1. Wrap the bitter end around the back of the pole and cross it back over the top of the standing part. This will form an "X".
  2. Wrap the bitter end around the pole again and tuck it through the middle inside of the "X".
  3. Yank both the standing part & bitter end to tighten it up. It is easy to untie.
  4. You can also secure the clove hitch w/ a half hitch.


1 2 3


Slip Clove Hitch- Same use as the clove hitch only quicker to untie.

Instead of pulling the bitter end through the "X", just form a loop and pretend that it’s the bitter end. Pull it thru like shown. All you gotta do to release it is yank the bitter end and out she comes.

Two Half Hitches- Securing a line to just about anything.

  1. Wrap the bitter end around the object and up through like so.
  2. Pass the bitter end around the standing part again.

    1. 2

Rescue Bowline Around Your Waist- Single Handedly- Might just save your life someday.

You’re hanging off the side of a cliff or something and somebody lowers a rope to you. You’re using one hand to hang on to the cliff. You only have one hand free to tie a knot with. This will hurt like hell when they start to pull you up the cliff and the rope snatches under your armpits, but it works!

This is very easy….trust me! Practice w/ doing it with each of your hands.

  1. Pull the bitter end around your waist and cross it OVER the standing part.
  2. Bend your wrist like so and bring both the bitter end AND your wrist up through the inside of the triangle. Keep turning your wrist until it is straight.
  3. It should now look like pic 3. The bitter end will be to the left of the standing part.
  4. Pass under the standing part.
  5. Roll the bitter end in your fingers over top of the standing part and grab the bitter end.
  6. Pull your hand (will prolly require some wiggling) and the bitter end thru and WALAAA…you have a bowline.


1 2 3


4 5 6

Well, the file size is getting big so I’m gonna hafta wrap this one up and continue later.

Practice, practice, practice


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