*Easy Line Locates*
By: TexasOk
30 November 2018

When I need to repair or add on to any buried water, gas, electrical or communication lines on my property I drag out the metal detector. This only works if you did the extra steps during installation but will save you a headache and extra digging if you start using this procedure during new installations or repairs.

I bury a crushed aluminum can about 6" down every 10' along the line and take note's from the starting point and the direction of travel using a compass. Draw a map with notes about the date of install, direction and depth.

GPS coordinates may not always be around but aluminum cans will be there for your lifetime and then some.

Equipment needed, metal detector, wire flags, compass, clipboard and note pad, old screwdriver, and long tape measure.

From your starting point use a long tape measure and secure it to your starting point with an old screwdriver.

Using your metal detector walk out 10' in the direction noted on your map and compass and find the next crushed can marker and place a flag and continue along the line for whats needed. If the line makes a turn just secure the tape again with the screwdriver and note the direction again using a compass.

This procedure will save you time in the future to make repairs or prevent you from cutting a line during another install or digging project.


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