*Monthly Check List*
By: Warlord
Updated 25 July 2003

This list is NOT designed to be all inclusive. It's designed to be a short list of important things that should be checked each month... this list should take under two hours each month to complete. Feel free to add or subtract to your list. Many of these items can be done at the same time (IE your computer can be scanning and backing up while you check the fluids in your vehicle).

________ Water In Storage batteries. (If water is needed in cells it should be distilled water)

________ Smoke detectors.

________ Carbon Monoxide Detectors

________ Fire Extinguishers

________ Test household alarms and motion lights

________ Fluids and tire pressure in Vehicle(s)

________ Scan Computer(s) for viruses

________ Defrag computer(s)

________ Back up computer harddrive(s)

________ Rotate ammo and mags in Carry Weapons and Lubricate Weapon

________ Check food preps for expiration dates and rotate if needed

________ Other

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