*"More Advanced" Saves lives*
By: Warlord
28 February 2006

I make no secret that I wouldn't be sitting here typing this if it weren't for the Rubicon.. a massive blood clot in my left leg would have (SHOULD have) taken me out of this world last summer if it weren't for Blizzard and Kosh coming down here and taking my stubborn @$$ to the hospital.

The docs were AMAZED that I was still alive, and didn't think I'd live through it anyway... Not only did I live through it, I didn't even have any residual damage to my heart and/or lungs.

A current Rubie Just e-mailed me to say they were having problems last week and decided to check their vitals as is shown in the Rubicon Video Made by PaleHorse and Marsha3 on taking blood pressure and vital signs...

The numbers the member came up with were NOT within "normal" limits, and so they decided to go to the hospital... at the hospital, they found out the problem.. and they probably wouldn't have lived much longer with it.

Saving lives is why we're here.. no matter if it's a terrorist attack, or a bio-attack, or a pandemic, or just ordinary "life"..

The article YOU write, or the video YOU do, for the Rubicon's Advanced areas might be the one that is needed to save someone's life.. don't think otherwise, it's happened WAY TOO MANY times to count here.

"The Basics" just aren't good enough when TSHTF, and it doesn't matter what causes the Stuff to Hit The Fan. Advanced preps and knowledge save lives, it's been proven MANY times within the Rubicon Area.

A survivalist decides they want to go BEYOND "the Basics".. they join the Rubicon where the more advanced info and experts are, and that info ends up saving their lives... it happens too many times to be a coincidence... it's why "The Rubicon" is here.

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