*Homemade M.R.E.'s*
By: Thoth8
26 October 2004

A while back when I first started thinking about storing food for an emergency I was not sure where to start.

The disadvantage of the store bought M.R.E.'s is that they are a bit expensive, compared to what you could prepare for yourself in a homemade M.R.E.

I started with a food dehydrator and a food vacuum sealer. I bought a pack of frozen vegetables and put them in the dehydrator. Now I was ready to start. If you wish to take the time and trouble, you can dehydrate your own fruits and vegetables, prepare stews and soups, beef jerky and other meats.

First, I took a few packs of top romin and mixed in a 1/4 cup of the dehydrated veggies. Then, I vacuumed sealed the lower portion of the bag. In the top part I put some plastic forks and condiments (thanks to fast food restaurants), as well as a beverage. Just add water and you're ready to go.

The only real disadvantage I can see in preparing my own M.R.E.'s is that I will need to re-hydrate some of the foods before I can eat them. Also I will have to cook them to make them edible. (Store bought M.R.E.'s can just be opened and eaten if necessary, and they don't need to be heated but you can buy M.R.E. heaters if you want to.)

If you decide to prepare your own M.R.E.'s, you should make sure they are high energy, high calorie, light weight foods. Also check the nutritional properties of the foods that you pack. As a side note, you should add some type of multi-vitamins to insure you are getting the proper vitamins and minerals your body needs.


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