*My New Plumbing Arsenal*
By: Stats
03 December 2013

SO.. we at Casa de Stats had our Thanksgiving dinner with the wifee's family....bout 15 people here.... the next day... I'm taking a shower and I hear blub... blub, blub....blub-blub-blub... OH KRAPOLA.. I know what is going to happen next..rinse FAST and get out quick...before the "bubbling goo" (septic water) starts rising out of the tub/shower.

For some "reason" HA, the shower water was making air bubble up from the commode....of which means there is a blockage somewhere in the plumbing drain or vent piping. (we have septic) and being the commode doesn't flush and the shower and the separate tub starts to back up....ummmm Houston... we have a major problem. On a Sunday afternoon, winter storm coming and I'm suppose to be at a dinner in 3 hours.....Not good.

SOOOoo I bust out he trusty plunger..... nothin' ...doesn't work in the commode or shower..

Need heavier gear/help...called several plumbers.. 2-4 hours out and NOT coming out past 8 pm due to the "forecast".. freezing rain starting later that evening.

So. off to H. Depot to buy every combination of "drain clearing tool" I could even THINK I need to dislodge the blockage.. Hummmm I know I prolly "layer" the tools by design...staring with a "6' Commode auger"..I'll try that first.

Next is a 25' crank snake if that doesn't work.

Last resort.... CO2 Master Blaster.

Started with the Commode auger.... UUUGGGHHH....Nothin...

Skipped the 25' snake and went to the heavy Artillery.. CO2 Master Blaster..

Powered it up and blasted....flushed nothin' dang..

Powered it up and blasted..again...(NOTE TO SELF: Ummm use the provided clear plastic "splash guard/shield" you put over the bowl while in operation-Blast mode....) it's supplied for a reason... Didn't get a face full. Let's just say it was a "Danger close-Near miss" if there is such a thing...it was clear water...but still, it was commode water..

Blasted.. flushed... WOOHOOO... "it werked".. flushed again in disbelief... again and again..... the shower drained, the tub drained...

Whew... disaster averted and no plumber weekend-Sunday fees.

So... the Power Blaster was a saving grace from Sunday plumber prices let alone if plumbers aren't available if things go south.....

I would highly recommend getting some type of a plumbing arsenal as part of your "house preps" now... I need more CO2 cartridges....

Hope this helps


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