*The Law of Relativity Does Not Apply to Preparedness*
By: ThePiedPiper
17 February 2006

"Relative" is not an Appropriate Concept in Preparedness.

All too often in here I see someone say "I'm more prepared than the general public" or "I think I'm in good shape because I'm way ahead of the sheeple."

The fact is, relativism, in this context, is meaningless.

What others do is irrelevant. This is strictly an assessment of risk and planning to meet YOUR needs occasioned by that risk.

Comparing yourselves to the vast majority of people may make you feel better (because that, after all, is why you say such things). But it won't save you and your family in an emergency.

Get over the smugness. Stop comparing yourselves to those who are unworthy as bases for comparison. If you must compare, compare yourselves with people who are really doing things to prepare. Compared to other Rubies, How do you measure up?

Preparing in Advance is About What YOU Need
The idea is for you to have enough to be able to take care of yourself and your family regardless of what happens. So you prepare in advance. In the pre-SHTF world, what others do or might have should be entirely meaningless while you put aside preps. Compare this with a post-SHTF scenario. At that point, others may factor significantly in your ability to obtain you want or need, which is why we prep now, before everyone is in competition for increasingly limited supplies.

Sheeple/general public may have a few days -- even a few weeks -- of supplies. An X-Rubicon Member once posted, with satisfaction, that he "usually" had TWO WEEKS of supplies on hand. Many found that statement exceedingly sad, and not what we hope to see in Rubies... Thankfully, this is the rare exception, and not the rule among Rubies. Most Rubies see 3-6 months as an absolute minimum. Those that don't prepare MUCH better than this don't last long in the Rubicon.

Folks, this is a matter of absolutes. Prepare based on your own risk assessment and needs. It's a simple process.

Assess the risks.

Estimate what you and your family need to survive if any of the worst case risks visit themselves upon you.

Stock up/make plans to meet that need.

Maintain the stocks, rotating as needed.

Personally, I can see issues arising that could disrupt suppliers in this country for 2 or 3 years and stop suppliers in their tracks for 3 to 6 months easily.

From a risk assessment standpoint, therefore, I figure on a MINIMUM of 6 months of supplies but frankly, I prepare for the 3 year gig. I'm now working on my "fudge factor" (2 x my worst case scenario in supplies).

TWO WEEKS of supplies will give you enough for a basic hurricane...maybe. It will not give you what you need in a more nationwide emergency, and certainly will not take care of you in a pandemic. TWO MONTHS would merely be a good start.

Make your worst case assessment. Prepare for that. Anything short of that: you're just fooling yourselves.

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