*Nukes, H5N1 and Blood Feuds*
By: Warlord
01 October 2006

While I was getting my hair cut, I overheard an interesting conversation going on between a few of the "Good Ol Boys" that just "hang out there to talk".

One started off with, "If that Bird flu DOES hit and the law breaks down, I know Joe Blow is gonna catch a bullet between the eyes".

Another added "Hail, I got a LIST.. and don't think I won't be waiting for them to drive past one night".

Another said "Why do that? Just sit across the road with your Deer rifle and wait for him to come out, then plaster his pumpkin on the door to his house, make his idiot fat wife have to clean up the mess"

That got me to thinking that a LOT of people are thinking about this crap.. I mean 4-5 of these guys have OBVIOUSLY thought this out in Detail already. I think a LOT of Blood Feuds are gonna be settled during a major disaster.

I know in West Virginia, My X-wife's cousin got caught by his best friend cheating with his friend's wife.. they patched things up after a while and became friends again... During Bow Season, My X's cousin ended up with a Broadhead arrow between his shoulder blades, sticking all the way through and out of his chest... and it was Ruled "Accidental"... his friend said he thought he was a deer, and he wasn't wearing blaze orange, and they'd "Patched up the problem".. but the whispers inside the family STILL say he shot him on purpose.

I have a feeling that if a MAJOR disaster hits the USA, a LOT of the "Victims" are gonna be found to have died from lead poisoning (Probably 30-06 lead)... a LOT of people aren't going to live through the disaster even if the disaster doesn't get close to them... How's YOUR security?

Remember, SECURITY, IN LAYERS... Make SURE any "Obvious Hiding spots" have sensors or cameras trained on them.

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