*The Other Side of the Rubicon*
Is it worth paying membership fees?
By: Sentinel
27 June 2004

Don’t you just hate it when you come across a web site that wants you to pay money to enter? Just who do these people think they are? You have to wonder what makes this site so special that they think they need to limit membership numbers and charge for the privilege of being a member at the same time. Why should you pay to see what was once free when there are so many other web sites that cover the same type of material?


The answers to these questions are simple. This group of people is the cream of the crop where preparedness groups are involved. Most of the members have belonged to many preparedness groups, boards, or teams only to find them lacking. If you are here reading this article I am betting you are finding other web sites or groups lacking as well.


As a member of the Rubicon you share in the wealth of decades of actual experience. We are not an arm chair group here. We are a group of doers that includes doctors, nurses, welders, farmers, housewives, lawyers, law enforcement officers, teachers, and on and on from all walks of life. We live the life of preparedness. It is not a hobby or just an interest for us. We weed out those that are not truly like minded fast here. We do not have time to waste on leeches, lurkers or liars. Everyone contributes either by writing articles on what they know or by being an active participant on the board. You cannot just pay and stay. We want you to be a part of the group.


We believe that our society as a whole is very likely to fail in some way or another leaving us to take care of our own. This failure could be caused by any number of things from acts of God (such as weather or disaster), economic failure, terrorist attacks, or any combination of these things. In the end, it does not matter what causes the chaos. It only matters that we are prepared to carry on when others are falling by the way side.


This group is not a watering hole for the "G.I. Joe" militia types. It is not about individuals who want to play "Mad Max" either. It is about families. What are we here for if not to provide, protect, and to help our families survive during hard times?


Do you have an insurance policy of any kind? If so, than you may be a like minded person. You have decided that somewhere down the line you may need to be prepared for hard times. Rubicon members take this "insurance" to the next level. We believe that our families should be able to have safe shelter from the world during hard times. We think it is our responsibility to provide shelter, food, water, heat, communications, medications, personal supplies, information, and the ability to protect these things when the stores and our government cannot (or will not) provide them. We choose to be self-reliant. We choose to survive.


Have you ever watched television shows or news segments that show starving people in other countries and wondered how this could happen to so many people? Have you seen homeless families living in their cars because things turned bad? Did you tell yourself it could never happen to you? Well, quit fooling yourself. Times are hard and life is harder.


Many good people have lost everything they own recently because they did not have the foresight to put anything up for a rainy day. Savings do not have to be (and should not be) just in monetary measures. Tragedy happens every day but it does not need to ruin you and your family. Open your eyes and see the world as it really is. We live in unsure times. Stress is high because people are scared. Fear is caused by the unknown. Knowledge and action are what the Rubicon is about.


We are people from around the world trying to learn what it takes to make it in this chaotic world. We have actual "in the field" information on almost all preparedness equipment, methods, and theories. If we cannot find a product we like than we make it. We have cutting edge information on things most survival groups only talk about. We get out there and do it while others just "Google" the information they need to sound informed. While others are talking the talk we get out there and walk the walk.


I remember my first few days as a Rubicon member. I felt like I had finally found a place where no one thought I was a tad touched in the head for wanting to have supplies put up for my family. I had a place to resort to when the world of idiots made me want to scream at them to open their eyes and see that the world is not the safe place it once was. I was welcomed with open arms and I have never looked back.


Your membership fees go towards keeping this site up and running even when other sites are down. You get top notch web space, e-mail, and experienced technical support on subjects from computers, to gardening. Most of all, you will get motivation and encouragement to grow and learn with the knowledge that the things you learn have been tried and are trusted. You won’t get down to the line and find out the things you depend on won’t work because you will have tried them before you need them. You will have the chance to meet up safely (and even join teams in your area) with like minded people on your terms. These are people who have proven themselves over and over again, not just a bunch of fruit cakes playing Rambo.


Most members say their first few days of membership are like coming home. So if you feel like you want to belong to something bigger than yourself and have the desire to do more than just talk about surviving hard times…come on home.

We’ll leave the light on…

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