*Super Shoe Laces*

Nearly Indestructible

By Jaden

05 January 2004


Here's an old Survival Trick that I haven't seen re-visited in a while, so it's up to me to re-visit it ;)

Nerisa bought some new boots a few days ago. The first time she wore them the laces start to fray. Yea, cheap manufacturing. That problem was cured in about 5 minutes.


You can see the fraying

Use some 550 para cord

Yank out the old laces and use them for measurements. Cut 2 pieces of para cord to length and then use a cigarette lighter and fuse the ends (Careful, the material is HOT and sticks to fingers!). If you carry a Zippo I suggest integrating spare flints into the ends of your new laces like Warlord does.

Then just re-lace your shoes. They look like normal shoelaces...whodathunkit?

Iíve had para cord in my boots for quite awhile and it shows no sign of fraying. Good stuff!


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