*My Pocket Papers Pouch*

By Stryder

26 May 2004

During the summer we do a lot of camping as a family. We also try to get to at least one, if not more, Rubicon campouts. No place better to see, learn, and DO new stuff.

If you plan to attend a Rubicon event then you already know you need to have a Med form on you and you will need some other paperwork as well. When youíre playing and working hard that stuff can get lost and get sweaty and generally just get in a bunch. So, hereís what I do:

I bought a little zip-top fishing license holder at my local hunting/fishing store. The ones I got are made by Scaffís Enterprises in Loganton, PA Style 97-Z, but only because thatís what my local store sells, not really for any other reason, although they are pretty nice for a buck. Then I downloaded a copy of the Rubie iron-on eagles and printed them out in color in a size that would fit the holder and put one in there. Now you have this:

Then I put in my forms and a few things I might need. Iíve gotten into the habit of carrying this all the time so there are things in there that I might not have otherwise. My Rubie Med. release form, my state hunting, fishing, trapping license, a can opener, and a small compass, and 5 Rubie med. forms for myself, my wife, and my three kids. My wife and kids carry these too, but mine also has everybodyís info in it. Because of the little "safety pin" at the top this can be hooked inside a pocket (front left pants is typical) where it wonít fall out or it can be pinned on if you donít have pockets. Because of the Rubie eagle it can serve as ID at a FTF meeting with someone you donít know by sight, and in an emergency it can easily be identified as the place where your Rubie info is kept.

Simple, easy and organized Ė

Next time youíre out training Ė give it a try!


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