*The Pocket Kit *
By: PowderDry
31 January 2003

This is a small pocket kit I set up a while ago, it can be used for day to day, short trips or long ones. I started with the Planco, micro-magnum #3214, which is a small pocket fly fishing box, with a few modifications, trimming down the walls ( as you can see in the picture) this has made for more middle size compartments.

What is in the box?
1 B52 can opener
3 large hooks
10 big bandages
10 small bandages
triple antibiotic ointment
3 antiseptic towlines
10 Q-tips
4 packs starry-strips
10 sutifed
10 perception meds
tooth paste
6 iodimidom AD
20 asserted bullet weights
1 piece sleeping bag foam
2 rolls of fishing line
25 assorted hooks

What the are, why I chose these items and what they are used for A B52 can opener is just a larger can opener that was given out with the old c-ration and is easier on the hands.

3 large hooks these can be used for fishing normally or used for gaffs when added to a long pole

4 packs starry-strips, 10 large and small bandages for general to large fixes

triple antibiotic ointment and antiseptic towlines for wound healing promotion and protection

Q-tips are for wound cleaning, equipment cleaning, etc and can also be used with the Vaseline for fire starting

Meds are good for when you are out in the field and just need them, with this article I have placed the whole kit into a zip lock due to moisture getting to the meds

The last four items are for fishing or food gathering, with the pad as a float

With this kit, a lighter and a knife you can have a minimal kit on you for just about any short-term problems.

And yes it all fits in there.

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