*Being a Prepper in a Non-Prepping World*
By: Bigstick
28 June 2011

As the world changes around us, sometimes it seems like things are just going from bad to worse. Floods, war, famine, gas prices... more and more items seem to fill the evening news and the Net with dire predictions of what is to come. And yet, in the face of all that, I continue to see articles in the media and online that poke fun at people who are trying to prepare in case of disaster. People who grow their own food, or keep more than the average 1-2 days of canned food in their pantry. City dwellers who are planting gardens of food instead of flowers, and people getting back into canning. People who choose to "Prep" as a form of "Lifestyle Insurance" in case of sudden unemployment, natural disaster or other unforeseen situations that would otherwise have a dramatic negative impact on their families. Since when did preparing for likely personal and natural disasters qualify us as "Kooks" or "Survivalists"?

In the face of all that, when it gets on my nerves or it seems like I am swimming upstream as I pay the premium on our lifestyle insurance, I try to remind myself of the things I can and cannot do. I share that list with you in hopes that it might give you some solace that, if you are taking steps to care for your family... you are not alone.

What I can do:

What I cannot do:

These are my thoughts, and how I get through.

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