What to Expect and How to Find Them
By: Stats
07 July 2014

If your state requires a lic. I'm a licensed inspector here in TX... I have people ALL the time say, "My XXXXXX (Friend, Brother-in-Law, Neighbor - Whatever) is a contractor, re-modeler etc… He can tell me what needs to be repaired.... Yeah – Okay - good luck to ya....

They probably don't have the experience to KNOW what to look for on a HVAC unit, electrical panel, various minimum building codes, OR stuff that is hidden in plain sight.

Like this house below that I did yesterday…

10 YEARS of lint buildup... This is another fire waiting to happen!

Or this.... Can you see the issues here??? This is a test. Truly hidden in plain sight.

Test answers below…

The piping penetrations (yellow arrows) are leaking conditioned air to the attic space and the drain piping is plumbed backwards... (Yellow box) as in the primary drain is going to the exterior and the secondary drain is going to the sink drain... this has been like this since the house was built....10 years ago.

Now, I don't know about you, but losing air conditioning to the attic in the summer... is a HUGE energy waster...

Get an INSPECTOR! They (hopefully) have been trained and have experience in this kinda of stuff.


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