*Quick Stock For Soups and Gravy*
By: Bushman (United Kingdom)
30 August 2003

I believe it is in a survivalist mind set to waste very little, especially food. So in this short article I will show you how to make use of some leftovers which otherwise may end up in the trash bin.

Very little equipment is needed.

A Pressure Cooker

Large Jug and Strainer

Liquid Containers


For the heart of the stock you will need some bones or a whole carcass. You can use cooked or uncooked bones using a cooking time of 30 minutes or 45 minutes respectively. Also add some vegetables especially if you garden is producing more than you can use at the moment.

For this stock I am going to use a Duck carcass, Onion, Zucchini, Carrot and a mixture of fresh herbs. A little salt and pepper is added for seasoning. Golden rule wash hands before handling food

You donít have to be too fussy just roughly cut the vegetables, you donít have to wear an apron, but I like to keep my BDUs clean.

Put all the ingredients in the cooker and add water to about ĺ full see your pressure cookers instructions on this. Bring the cooker up to high pressure, set a timer, in this case 30 minutes and go and do something useful.

At the end of the time let the cooker cool down to room temperature and open the lid.

In there is good stock

Put the strainer on top of the jug and then pour or ladle out the stock

The containers can then be easily filled

You now have a good basic ingredient for making soups or gravy which is both tasty and very nutritious

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