*Rubbermaid Totes 4 Storage*

By Jaden

01 January 2004


Rubbermaid totes are some of the handiest thing around. I know quite a few Rubicon members use them for storage. They stack easily, theyíre weather tight, theyíre tough and can easily be moved. Pretty good idea.

Iíve been buying them too mostly for food stores at the moment. Iím planning on getting some more for other storage.

18- gallon tote

If you pack them right you can cram a fair amount of goods inside.


Mac & Cheese/Lipton Soups Rice mix, Oatmeal, Hot Choc, Crackers

I kept count of each item and then wrote it on an index card. After I took the picture I figured itíd be a good idea to write the packing date on the card also.

Then the card was tucked in the flap of a box on the top of the tote. This way as soon as the cover is opened there is an inventory... If you're smart, you'll print this sheet off on your computer and tape a second copy to the outside of the tote. That makes it a LOT easier to find items quickly without unstacking totes.

I have 6 of these totes stacked up. They donít take up much room at all.


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