*Saving $$, A Little At A Time*


By Jaden

12 February 2004


Are you the type who tells the gas station attendant "Keep the change."? Are you like the kid I saw in the Post Office one morning who had 19 cents change and walked out. The clerk hollered to him asking if he wanted his change. His answer was to the effect of "No, it’s only change."

If you are… watch this-

Nerisa and I have what we call the "Survival Fund". It’s money that’s saved for survival uses. Whether TSHTF and we need to barter, or maybe saving up for some nice MilSpec compasses or whatever. It’s really nothing more than a change can. We throw spare change in there and any other change or bills that we come across. Beverage container redemption, change that went through the washing machine…wherever it comes from its still money.

We have had the fund since August 2003. By the 1st of January 2004 we had about $150.00. Not too bad for 5 months.

It took some time to roll the change up, but the payoff was great. We ran out of rolls so the rest was counted and separated into Ziplock bags. That was the time consuming part. However we listened to some tunes and spent time together while rolling.

You wouldn’t think that there’s 150ish bux lying there would you?

$21 bux just in PENNIES!

There is $150 we just SAVED by keeping our change. If we can keep that rate up we’ll average about $360 a year.

A bud of mine took a 3-liter soda bottle. He filled it with silver change…no pennies. When it was full he had right around $500 DOLLARS! In a soda bottle! Took him awhile to roll that up.

So folks, the moral of the story is…SAVE YOUR CHANGE…ALL OF IT! It adds up quite quick.


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