*Shipping Container Storage*
By: Leslie
05 February 2014

What War did was use the walls themselves to add saddle racks and a shelf at the back. The walls are corrugated on the inside, then at a few places there are sturdy Horizontal (to the floor) strips of metal that run on the inside front wall to the back wall. The Horizontal strips don't go into the indent of the wall, so you can drop something behind it, like we did with the saddle racks. Think of the letter L with the shorter bottom part of the L sliding behind the Horizontal strap, and the larger part of the L sticking out to set the saddle on. You could just as easily put several of these Ls on a wall and add a board to the top and use it as a shelf. You may need to add a brace if you are going to add a lot of weight.

You can also fit a 2X4 (fits perfectly) into the indented space and rest it on top of the Horizontal piece from one side to the other, left to right. You will need at least two boards, front and back, and possibly more if you are adding a lot of weight to the shelf. Then place plywood or some other board on the top.

Also, for accessing storage, if you choose to get a larger container, you can get roll up doors installed on the long side. I had one like this at the deer processing shop with three roll up doors. That way I could access any part of the container. They are very versatile. You are mostly limited by imagination and how much money you are willing to spend.

The Horizontal straps that run around the inside of the Cargo Container are designed to help the loader secure the internal cargo and keep things from sliding around... So there are several thin bands of metal-strapping that run around the inside of the container at various heights from the floor (Depending on the Maker of the Containers)

Here's some pictures showing the Saddle Racks I thought up for Leslie to secure the Saddles "Properly" so the spines of the saddles don't get broken, or warped out of shape...

A few of the pictures show the "Back Shelf" in the container, which is just two 2x4s sitting down inside the Vertical "Corrugations" that are part of the Container's walls... Basically the two 2x4's sit down inside the corrugations perfectly (To help secure your loads from shifting around)... the 2x4's sit down on top of one of the thin Horizontal Bands (about an inch wide) that run around the inside of the container... Then, just drop a half sheet of 4x8 plywood on top of the two 2x4's, and you have a VERY stable shelf or work table, etc...

(Saddle Racks)

(Saddle Racks and Part of the Back "Work/Storage Table"... Note the thin horizontal bands of metal strapping that run around the walls of the container at several different heights)

(Same as Above)


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