*Adding an Extra Spare Bulb to Your Light*

By Eli

27 March 2003


I own 3 or 4 angle head flashlights. In the bottom of it underneath the battery spring is a place for a spare bulb. Well, why not have 2 spare bulbs?

I removed the "in service" light bulb assembly. There is a small amount of room behind the + POS contact inside the angle head.

I took a small piece of soft foam from a couch cushion and poked a small hole in it. The hole is slightly smaller than a light bulb. Then I inserted the bulb into the foam, folded it in half and stuffed it behind the + contact.

The foam is snug, but not tight. The bulb doesn’t rattle and is shock resistant.

Who knows…. that extra spare might come in handy some day.

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