*Storm Tips*
By: RedDog
21 September 2005

If you must stay during a bad Hurricane or if you suddenly find yourself in a dangerous storm such as a Tornado, then these safety tips may help keep you safer.

Most serious injuries during severe storms are head injuries. These can be prevented by wearing any helmets that you may have. Think Motorcycle, bike, Football or other sport helmets, Army helmets, etc... cover that head so it won't be hit by flying debris.

Wear eye protection such as goggles to prevent being injured by flying debris.

Wear good sturdy footwear. Boots are best. You may have to walk through debris and broken glass.

Do NOT drive into any water over roads! The water may have washed out the roadway, leaving deep holes. Water can wash vehicles off the road with not much effort. DON'T DROWN, TURN AROUND.

If a Tornado is bearing down on you and you're in your vehicle, evacuate the vehicle and get into a ditch or any depression. Lie face down and cover your head with your arms.

Do NOT drive to an underpass to take shelter in during a Tornado. The winds under there are MUCH higher than out in the open and it can and will suck you out and fling you far away.

If taking shelter inside your home, move to a central small room or hallway. Close all the doors to provide extra protection and strength to this room. Place all blankets and pillows and any mattresses you can into this room and cover up with them for extra protection.

Take flashlights and battery powered AM/FM radios and/or battery powered TV with you. Hurricanes can last several hours. Try and conserve batteries and have extras ready. Bring food and water with you. Have your BOB's with you.

When given enough warning, leave any area that is in a serious storms path. Why take any chances with your life or that of your family. Remember, everything can be replaced but a life.

If you are trying to drive away from a Tornado, drive perpendicular to the Tornado's Path. Don't try to out run them, you might lose.

Keep at least 30 days worth of any medications you or your family needs with you during severe weather. Also, keep extra glasses in case you break your good ones during the storm.

I hope that these Storm Safety Tips help someone. I am a Registered Storm Spotter and Net COntrol Operator for the National Weather Service here in Tornado Alley (Tulsa Oklahoma), so I do know what I'm talking about.

Stay Safe everyone.

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