*Suit Pocket EDC*
By: Landwire
27 July 2014

There are times and places where having a backpack full of EDC or "every day carry gear" makes you stand out or may not be appropriate. Sometimes we just need enough on us to get to car. One such place is at church or some other house of worship.

I made a suit pocket EDC kit. It contains a pen, a FourSevens Mini AA2 Flashlight and a Sog Access Card folding knife. All the items are contained within a clear pocket protector that I keep in a suit inside pocket. In the event of warm weather where I am not wearing the jacket, the pocket protector goes to a side pocket of my scripture carrying case.

The whole thing does have a little weight to it. Over time, I would surmise the suit pocket would start to stretch or become prematurely worn out so ymmv. Something like this can easily be adapted to an office suit as well.


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