*Using Your Supplies*
By: Pistolshooter
28 October 2016

A few years ago I wrote an article on using our supplies for 3 months while being between jobs, and what I learned. This article will show what I have had to do for the last 8 months as of this writing.

I was laid off from my job in Feb. 2016 due to the price of oil and the regulations imposed by the government. I thought that I would be ok for at least 3 months financially. I was good for almost 5 months. It is not like I have not tried to get another job. I have applied to most engineering firms in the Houston area (thru head hunters), Lowe's, Home Depot, grocery stores, Tractor Supply, Academy, etc, and just about any place that might be hiring. Most of these companies that I have applied (that responded), said that I am way over qualified for them to consider me.

We have always rotated our canned goods in the past, but we always purchase more than we would ever use at any given time. Shortly after doing my food inventory this year, and discarding about 50% of the can goods due to "use by date" because most of what I discarded was at least 3 years past the date. The few cans that I opened did not taste or smell very good. I had no idea that I would be off for so long and truly expected to replace all of what I had discarded shortly after returning to work. This did not happen.

Occasionally in the months prior to using our food storage exclusively, we had used a bag of sugar, flour, salt, or pasta from our stored stock since being laid off. Then after 5 months, we started using all that we had in storage exclusively; from paper products to food due to no income. Thanks to the previous experience of using our stored supplies solely for 3 months, and making adjustments in what we were storing. We are better off this time around and should be good for quite a long time.

I would urge everyone that has stored food to do what we had done years ago and use their food stock solely to see where they may have a deficit in one area or another. It has saved us money, time, and heartache. Knowing how you actually stand really will make a difference when the time comes and you have to use what you have stored for the long haul.



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