*Survival Kit In A Tin*
By: Spike
12 September 2009

There's quite a few "survival kit in a sardine can" types out there, and so I decided to make my own with components I know and trust right off the bat. As you can see below, it doesn't look like a typical tin survival kit, but I opted to add in a few things not on the regular list.

On the outside you can see 13 feet of 550 cord, inner strands were kept in. It's next to the marker for a size comparison.

Once you strip off the 550 cord, you see a rubberband holding a 1 qt Ziplock bag on and helping to compress it so that the 550 cord wraps more uniformly.

Under the rubberband and first Ziplock is another 1 qt Ziplock and you can finally see the tin. This was a tin for a Dollar Store kind of mint, but the same dimensions as an Altoids tin.

Finally opened, you can see the contents packed in together.

Starting left to right, top to bottom: 1. Tin with reflective tape under the lid and 2 feet of wire wrapped up inside 2. A piece of aluminum foil, big enough to fashion a cup for boiling water 3. A piece of hacksaw blade 4. Compass 5. Small package of cotton balls with vaseline 6. A piece of gum 7. Razor blade 8. 2 feet of duct tape 9. Fishing/Sewing/Firestarter pack 10. Medical kit

The medical is extremely small and included 1 gauze pad, 1 band-aid and 1 alcohol prep pad. A couple Ibuprophen, anti-diarrheal tabs and vitamins could probably fit in here with no problem. When I repack this kit, I'll be adding those to it. Always be flexible with your kit!

The Fishing/Sewing/Firestarter pack has a bit of fishing line, 3 hooks, 6 sinkers, bit of dental floss, 3 sewing needles and the top of a Bic lighter.

Once I put it all back together, I redid the way the 550 cord goes on it to be able to tie it the other way once. This pack can easily fit in to a hip or cargo pocket and the weight is negligible,


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