*Do You Have A "Ticket"? *
By Sierra37


The "ticket concept" arose from conversations about a post-holocaust or major economic dislocation and what a proper response should be to friends, relatives, etc., that would arrive at your house or retreat and expect you to provide for them.  How do you respond?  Who do you invite in to your group, who do you tell "Sorry but I cannot provide for you and your family"?

We, as survivalists, understand that after any "end of the world as we know it" scenario, life is going to be difficult, and in many cases PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DIE.  The question is WHICH PEOPLE.   If you, or any other person, adopt enough stray sheeple, you will reduce the chance that your group will be among the survivors.

When told, by a close friend, that if things ever got that bad they would just show up at my place, I replied, "I would love to have you and your family--this is what you need to bring." I then proceeded to list 3 months of food, weapons, ammo, clothing, medicine, gasoline (55 gal) AND transport for same. I warned him, "Show up without these things and you will be turned away".  I was deadly serious, and he knew it.

Later I found myself explaining this to a fellow survivalist and hung the name "ticket" on the idea and this brings us here...if you want to come to the show, then you have to buy a ticket. 

The idea of the ticket is that you and yours do not reduce the supplies and equipment average for the members of the group. The goal should be that you and yours add to the group average.

This idea has merit from several perspectives 1) Everyone is used to the idea of "buying" a ticket...and more importantly being refused admission if they do not have a ticket.  2) It takes the personal aspect out of a refusal..."this is the rule of the group I belong to and I cannot change it" 3) It screens those who are prepared from those who have not prepared.... after all, if someone has the forethought to "buy" a ticket are they not the very people we want to augment our groups?

While this is my public position, as in the real world ticket prices vary, for instance, if War and Palehorse showed up (kids in tow) empty-handed they are welcome...not just because they are friends but because they have demonstrated skills and work ethics more valuable than a few supplies.  The ticket can be purchased in other ways but I suggest you confine that thought to the Rubicon and only talk about the "logistic" ticket to the everyday people you encounter.

One thing I have noticed, talking about a ticket will "shock" people into getting very serious about preparation. I know that a few I have talked to are actually working on logistics and asking what else they can and should do...this might be an indirect recruiting tool.  Hopefully, you have already realized that you CANNOT survive alone and have already begun to work on your ticket.

So now you know what is meant by "buying a ticket" YOU are in charge of deciding what the price of admission is to your group, and YOU must inform those would be attendees what they must do to "buy" admission to your show.

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