*Surviving Single*
By: War
11 August 2009
(UPDATED: 04 March 2015)

In Greenville, SC, Hang on To your wallet tightly if my experiences are anything to go by. When it comes to Surviving the opposite sex, it can be a crap shoot. From the looks of my E-Mail, and from listening to my friends, it's past time we address this topic. As the World gets more chaotic, so do relationships, and Broken Relationships seem to be at higher Pandemic levels than H1N1 "Swine Flu" will ever be.

It's been said that when hard times come in the door, Love can go out the window... Sadly, sometimes that saying can be very true, especially when it seems like the world itself is teetering on the brink of insanity. Oftentimes, just when you need a partner the most, your home-life suddenly teeters on the edge as well, and then slips over the edge into the abyss of chaos, confusion, and loneliness...

I don't need the News Media to tell me that the divorce rate is climbing, I see it almost every day. I see friends and acquaintances and family taking the hits. "Been There, Done That, Lost the T-Shirt in my Divorce".

When "The Other Half" becomes "The Missing Half", it's never easy. Suddenly you find yourself alone, facing an uncertain future, your income is reduced, half your preps are probably gone, and your mind is in chaos right when you need to be focusing on preparing for the hard times that are on us (Hard times that are only getting harder, even while the Government screams "ALL IS WELL!" and "THINGS ARE GETTING BETTER", and then things DON'T get better).

As the Global Situation seems to spiral out of control, "Preparedness" is becoming "The In Thing"... Heck, Soccer Moms are getting "Survival Training" (They actually need, "Preparedness Training", but that's what We're here for ;) ) according to CNN (and my E-Mail). But many of the same circumstances that are causing "Preparedness" to become Mainstream, are also causing the stress that's leading to more Break-Ups than I've ever seen before...

They're Gone...
The emotions are the same for almost everyone during a Break-Up, even though it can feel like you're the only one in the world that's feeling them. Time and time again I listen to friends who believe that while they're at home suffering the loss of a relationship, their X is out having the time of their lives, not giving them a second thought. But that's most often not true. Most often, the "X" quickly finds out that it's a jungle out there, and wishes they'd never left home in the first place.. but by then they can't swallow their pride and ego, and they can't force themselves to simply talk things out and try harder. What a shame.

As I said, the emotions during a Break-up are Universal. Do a Google Search using Key-Words like "The Stages of Grief"... While this is most often associated with the death of a loved one, you may be surprised that when a relationship dies most people follow the same emotional patterns as when dealing with death. It makes sense though when you put it into words like I did above, and the end result is almost the same. The feelings of Anger, of Unfairness, Loneliness, Depression, etc... "Universal". I've known friends that walked outside, looked up, stretched out their arms, and tried to make deals with God. Another friend told me how she burned some of her X's hair that she found in her bathroom and "tried to make a deal with the Gods". When dealing with this type of loss, people can do some weird things.

Sometimes Separation and/or Divorce can feel even worse than the death of a loved one... at least if your X had the common decency to die, you wouldn't have to see them everywhere you go, nor would you have to deal with harassment, fear of retribution, Lawyers, Court Systems, etc

Then you talk about the Break-Up to friends and family until you're just sick of the whole subject. After a while, You feel tired even thinking about it. You're "Talked out", You're emotionally exhausted, and you just wish it was over. You get tired of wondering "What happened"? You get tired of thinking "maybe if I'd done this or that differently, we'd still be together". You start blaming yourself, even if "they" were the ones that wanted to end it... trust me, if you're identifying with any of the above, "It's probably not your fault, and the Break-Up was probably out of your control".

...And while you're dealing with all of the above, you probably AREN'T Preparing for the uncertain times that are upon us.

Personally, I do best when I'm in a relationship. Most people do. But even though it's not Politically Correct to say it, "Some people are simply messed up emotionally, and you'll never understand why they do the things they do". I'm blessed to have known some very wise people in my life, and I listen to them! My Grandmother told me once, "If you're trying to make sense of the actions of a crazy person, make sure you're being paid overtime, because that's all you'll get for the effort".

Finding a Preparedness Minded Partner:
Preparedness Minded People already have several strikes against them when it comes to finding a partner. It's hard to find a partner (Male or Female) when you'd rather talk about your Alternate Power System, or your advanced Security System, Rather than talking about "a second home in Costa Rica"...

...But one of the biggest problems Preparedness Minded People seem to have is, "Shining Armor Syndrome". Preparedness Minded People are usually "Problem Solvers" and "Fixers"; We see a problem, we fix it. If a person has problems, we jump in to help them. That Mind-Set of "Helping Others" is probably why so many Prep-Minded People have careers in the Medical Fields, Emergency Services, LEO, Teachers, etc. We tend to live our lives knowing that helping others is the right thing to do... Sadly, there's a whole 'nother breed of people out there that are "Users". They actively seek out "Fixers", and then suck them dry emotionally, physically, financially, etc. I've heard these people referred to as "Psychic Vampires".. they feed off your energy, sucking the life out of you until you have nothing left to give.

After my last Break-Up, I stuck my Shining Armor in the closet and locked it in!

(You thought I was speaking figuratively, Huh?)

A College Professor once told me "You'll find that people live just about exactly how they really want to live". She's a smart lady! People that constantly need drama and chaos in their lives aren't going to suddenly live a quiet life, and you're wasting your time trying to solve their problems. Period. I know... those people swear the chaos is out of their control, and if it would just stop, they'd love to live a quiet life... So you jump in and solve the problems, and almost immediately the users "move on", grab another handful of chaos, and start the cycle all over again with someone else. They crave chaos and the attention they get from it; They need it! These people often are emotionally dead, and for whatever reason(s), they simply can't feel emotions like Love, Happiness, Contentment, etc.. Rather than having "normal" feelings, they need "Titalation". It's about all they Can feel. What they need to "feel something", You and I would call "Having A RedNeck Brawl"... it's the raw fear/excitment of a fight or chaos that fills the void they have when lacking other emotions (and the reasons they can't/don't feel other emotions are legion). Also, very often these people see Negative Attention as being every bit as good as Positive Attention. They don't care if they get attention because you love them, or if they get attention because they're stalking you... Attention of any type is good enough.

...Keep in mind, People that tell you how bad they screwed their X's over are going to do the same to you when you become "The X". Forewarned! ...and Hang on To your Wallet tightly if my experiences with dating in the Greenville SC area are any indication of the rest of the country... The scammers and their confidence games seem to be the norm rather than the exception. You know the type; Exotic good looks, Pretending they don't need anything you have because "they're rich" (on paper).. which often just means they're bleeding red ink, making interest payments ONLY (Nothing applied toward the principal of multiple loans) on property and toys they can't afford, and they're going to try to mooch off "you" to make up the difference. Nope, They don't need a thing you have, yet suddenly they're living in your house while "you" pay all of the bills, while "you" raise other men's children (and pay their expenses, insurance, etc), while "you" do the homework with their children, while "you" pay for the vacations, and so on and so on... and all the while "the rich one" is telling everyone that "They" are paying for everything, when in fact, they aren't paying a dime, They're mooching. When it's over, they'll even have the nerve to insist that "you" owe "THEM" money by some type of twisted logic. Watch out for it Guys and gals.. it's common as dirt. When they tell you how horrible their X is/was, YOU'LL be getting the same bad-mouthing from them to someone else when they decide to move on.

And Guys, if you think it's rough out there on men, keep in mind that there is "A Man Shortage". On top of there being a shortage of men looking for commitment, try "promoting yourself" to a potential partner while also having a few children to bring along with the deal. Try being a 35+ Year Old female and competing with 25-30 Year Olds who are chasing their 40+ YO Husbands, and then vying for the same small pool of men when the Woman finds herself divorced. Oh yeah, I listen to the female friends going through Separations and Divorces too.

The Man Shortage
I first noticed the "Man Shortage" at a party when a cute little 25YO girl hung wide-eyed on my every word... giggling at the stupidest things I said... This type of thing happened several times within a few weeks... When I realized what was going on, I started talking to friends about it, and was informed, "Yeah, you can write your own ticket nowadays bro"... WTF??? What happened while I was out of the Single Scene? Lord, My oldest daughter is almost that age! However, to be honest, I couldn't bring myself to actually say "I'm old enough to be your father" ;)

There was a special last year on MSN about Men who wouldn't date the same women twice. At first they had a very Attractive, Professional, Woman in the studio talking about the lack of men that would date women more than once, much less even entertain the thought of committing to a serious relationship. The lady was petite, in great shape, well dressed and groomed, educated, professional, etc... and even where she lived in Atlanta, it had been several years since she'd had a man ask her out a second time. I immediately thought, "Oh Yeah! There's a reason for that! She's probably some sort of psycho!" But I have a friend that knows her, and he says if he were single, he'd be dating her!

Let me interject one of my own experiences here... I went out with a girl a couple of years back that had Never finished a date! At the restaurant I got up to go to the restroom, and her face fell... later she told me that usually men left the table and didn't come back! She usually even got stuck with the bill! She wasn't weird, and she wasn't ugly, but then again she wasn't "Stunning" either.. but, C'mon guys... what's up with that kind of behavior???

Anyway, back to the MSN special... It gets better (or worse)... After the Lady has her say, The MSN Crew Then brings out "An Eligible Bachelor" to tell his side of why he doesn't date the same woman twice. He made the point that for many years, women had sucked men dry in divorces, "Trapped them" by flushing birth control pills down the toilet, etc (Hey, his words, not mine!). But the kicker was, this guy weighed in at about 300 pounds of pure flab, and showed up on TV looking like he hadn't even bothered to bathe in a few days! If he'd so much as seen the sun in the last year, you couldn't tell it... yet there he sat, talking about why he never dated the same woman twice... and as I sat there thinking "Awww, This guy is full of crap... Who would date THAT?", the Woman in the studio with him got angry and started saying things like "So what's wrong with ME? *I* wouldn't trap you, *I* wouldn't take your money, I have my own money!"...

...If I'm lying, I'm dying... it was surreal (Kinda like my last Divorce ;) ). So guys, before you think you have it rough being single, keep in mind that Women are having an even worse time out there! And before you think your "problem" is that Women aren't "Preparedness Minded", forget that notion right up front. Women are flocking to the Preparedness Mind-Set in droves. They have families to take care, and in today's climate, they are often having to protect their families alone.

Beware "The Sharks"... "The Sharks" are both Male and Female.. with the Male Sharks, they're just looking for a "hit and run". They're scouting for a lonely Female that's looking for someone that likes Children... The men go "shopping" dressed up, while trying not to look like they're dressed up... "Freshly Pressed Jeans, Loafers, and not a hair out of place"... "Yes, I always look like this, even after working all day.. I'm not dressed up, I always go shopping in pressed jeans"... Oh Please! Look, "meeting people at the Grocery Store" was old even when "The Fonz" talked about it on "Happy Days" several decades ago...

The Sharks use a tactic called "ForePloy"... that's defined as: "The lies you tell to get the opposite sex to sleep with you".. I see them Every - Single - Day. I wear Sun-Glasses to go into Wal-Mart after 6PM. Why? Because of "The Sharks". Many Woman now get their careers on track early in life, and wait until later to have Children. They are married, their professional career is on track, and then she and her Husband decide it's time to have Children. The next thing she knows she's juggling her career, her home, and a few young Children... Suddenly She's not in quite as good shape as she used to be, her @$$-Hole Husband's eyes start wandering, and then one of the "20-Something Year Olds" moves in, and the Woman finds herself alone. Money aside, Even if she has her own money, if you think the "Child Support" she's getting covers the cost of actually supporting children, you're dreaming! Raising Children is a 24/7/365 job, and many older men won't give a Woman with children a second look (unless they're pretending to like Children during "ForePloy").

A man has to get in the Shower to get ready to go out.. a female with children has to find a sitter, worry that the children are OK all night, and worry about whether this guy is going to "go to the restroom and not come back" when he finds out she has Children...

"But War, You lost me... Why do you wear Sun-Glasses to Wal-Mart after 6PM?"
Because that's when the "Professional" (Career-Wise) divorcees are getting off work and doing the shopping... AND YOU DO NOT WANT TO ACCIDENTLY MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH THEM!!!! Many of these women aren't looking for a real relationship, they're looking for ANYONE that may help them out with the Children. "Sharks"... You catch their eye in the store, and a few minutes later someone comes up to you "out of the blue" with a "Puzzled, lost look" on their face, and you hear, "Excuse me, But could you tell me where I could find, uhhh (Consulting shopping list), 'The MO-Tor Oil'"? (Groan - Riiiiight.. Motor Oil.. maybe it's under the big sign that says, "Motor oil"?) Don't get me wrong, I like being hit-on as much as the next person, but very quickly you learn to spot the ones that are just looking for "A Daddy for the Children", rather than a stable long-term relationship.

And while we're on the topic, if you don't like Children, Don't lead her on! Let's have a little honesty here folks.

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT, EVER... NEVER.... E - V - E - R ... Waste A Female's Time 'Leading Her ON' With BS GAMES During 'Her Child Bearing Years'!!! THAT is an UN-FRAKKIN-FORGIVABLE SIN!!!

So, What can I do?
First, make sure you're not rebounding into your next relationship. I've heard "experts" talk about the amount of time you should spend before dating again, yada yada yada... that's bunk. You'll know when you're ready. At the same time, be sure you're past "talking about your X incessantly". No one wants to listen to that, especially not when you're supposed to be paying attention to the person you're with at the moment.

Spend some time getting back into shape. Lose those few extra pounds we all put on when we're happy (Well, you probably lost those while stressing over the divorce, but you know what I mean ;).

Get over the "Bitterness" of your last relationship, and don't come across with the attitude of "By God you better know right up front that I won't take a drop of your crap!

Don't jump into a "relationship" just because "You've finally met ANYONE". Be sure you have things in common. Be sure you're HONEST about "What those things in common" Are... BE HONEST about what you like, and dislike! I prefer petite females that take care of themselves (hey, I said Be Honest! ;) I like women who are confident in their abilities and are secure with themselves. I like Sci-Fi, I like lazy evenings at home watching a good TV show (Bring back Battle-Star!!! ;). I like the fireplace in the winter. "Preparedness" is a way of life for me, and if she's not 100% into that, Then it's just wasting time for both of us... "Deal breaker".

Folks, Please, please, please don't spew out slush like, "I am comfortable in jeans, or dressed to the Nines" (what is "The Nines" anyway?)... or.. "I like long walks in the rain and drinking fine wine in front of a fire place (etc, etc, etc)", unless you really do... I'm sure that's what you "think" the opposite sex wants to hear, but it's getting kinda cliche by now... So don't say it unless you actually make a habit out of it, otherwise you just sound like a million other sheeple out there.

Be Honest about being Preparedness Minded. If your potential partner is dead set against a Preparedness Lifestyle, you're probably looking at a relationship that's going to be a constant battle at least, and will most likely end up with you being single again at worst. Having goals and beliefs that clash at a core level is a certain recipe for arguments, unhappiness, and break-ups. That's no way to live.

I don't like arguing, If they can't "talk out" a problem, or if while discussing a problem they change subjects to a different topic that they can "win", you'll never live in peace. You know what I'm talking about...
(You) "Honey, you left the front door unlocked last night, would you double check it from now on please?"
(Them) "Well you left the lid off the garbage can!"
(You) "Uhhh Honey, I probably did, but what does that have to do with the front door being left unlocked?" (Yada, yada, yada).

Be sure the Relationship is a two way street... "Give and Take"... If I hated 'raw greed' before my last one, I DOUBLY hate it now. "All take and no give causes War to run away screaming"...

Make a list of "the perfect match".. decide what's important, and what you can compromise about. Make sure a potential partner knows exactly what is taboo, and exactly where the line is drawn about those things... Even God said, "This Far, and No More"... However, don't be a Butt about it...

Skip The On-Line Dating Sites UNLESS You're Willing To Spend The TIME, EFFORT, And Money on the HIGH QUALITY, HIGH DOLLAR, Sites!
... "You Get What You Pay For" Folks! Meeting "Online" is very common nowadays, but "running across each other online" is very different from "meeting at a large FREE/CHEAP dating site"... trust me, if you've sunk that low, things are really bad... The large Free/Cheap Dating Sites often seem to be "Where the possessed go to mingle". I've heard Large Dating Sites referred to by Friends and Family as "Freak Central", "Dregs and Rejects", etc. Of Course there are many exceptions to this rule of thumb, but be aware that success is the exception and not the rule. Sure, you'll hear a few rare success stores, however, the rest of the people are ashamed to even talk about the horror stories, so the data is kinda one-sided... But you might as well become a Bar-Fly if you're thinking about a FREE/CHEAP On-Line Dating Site, then at least you can SEE what you're talking to... Oh I could tell horror stories! NOT the place to find a Sane Preparedness Minded Partner!

My Advice??? PUT THE TIME, EFFORT, and MONEY, into "eHarmony"! STAND OUT in your "Profile", "GET ATTENTION", "STAND OUT"... it'll take a couple of weeks for people to "Find you"... But don't get discouraged, because you NEED this time period to find out HOW the Game is played, and "How Things are done"... and then SUDDENLY, just when you least expect it, "You've got Dates lined up for Lunch, Dinner and (probably) The Next Morning For Breakfast"... EVERY - DAY! FOR WEEKS IN ADVANCE!

I was EXHAUSTED from MONTHS of Dating EVERY - SINGLE - DAY... MONTHS!!... When I met my Wife!
And you've heard the old saying; "You'll know 'THE ONE' when you meet them"... It's 100% TRUE! YOU - WILL - KNOW! Before my Wife KNOCKED ME OFF MY FEET, I was just "Sorting Through As many as possible, as fast as possible".. NEVER dating the same female twice, because "If there's nothing there, don't waste each other's time"! If you catch them in a lie, MOVE ON IMMEDIATELY, "NEXT!?!?"... If you say online that you like "Diet Coke", almost EVERY person who shows up for a date with you WILL have "A Diet Coke" with them... Look in their Vehicle's Floor Board, and if ALL you see are "Mountain Dew Bottles", SHE'S LYING TO YOU... she's also probably desperate, and THE REASON she's desperate IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM; "NEXT!?!?" DO NOT "pretend" to like things you DO NOT LIKE, just because the other person says THEY like the things! BE *YOU*!!!! Not liking the SAME TYPE OF SOFT DRINKS, is NOT "A Deal Breaker!!!"... *I* don't WANT *MY* Wife drinking all of MY Diet Coke anyway! I LIKE that She DOESN'T LIKE "Diet Coke"! ;)

The people you'll meet on eHarmony will be SO MUCH LIKE *YOU* that it will be SPOOKY!!! I was CONVINCED several women had had me investigated or something, yet I KNEW there was NO WAY they could POSSIBLY have known who I was in advanced (I even [GASP] "Broke the Rules" and registered under a fake name with a Debit card in that fake Name! I DO NOT like being "Stalked!" so I take precautions!). IF you are HONEST on their "VERY VERY VERY VERY LONG Questionnaire, and you pay the high cost of being a member, and are polite, and not "RUDE!!!!!" then you'll start to notice that many people have been on the Site for several years and only check in once a week or so, after they've gone of the dates they lined up the previous weeks.. they pop back onto eHarmony after they've looked over one patch of "Potentials", and then they send out e-mails to line up dates for the coming week in advance... Some people will ONLY date ONE person at a time, and so they ONLY pop on to their eHarmony account after they're SURE the person they're dating isn't working out... For whatever reason, it takes a few weeks for people to start writing you, but when they DO start writing you, you'll get FLOODED!!!
* BE POLITE TO EVERY SINGLE PERSON that writes to you! RESPECT the courage it took for them to send *YOU* a note first! ESPECIALLY if you KNOW it's NOT going to even get off the ground.
* Write up a BUNCH of "Form Letters".. you'll be saying MANY of the SAME THINGS to 50-100 different People a day! "Copy and Paste" saves time! Write up Replies for "POLITE Rejections", And for, "OK! Let's do this thing!", And, "No Thanks, Not looking for a 'Live-In House-Keeper/Bed-Mate who will do those things for Room and Board', but THANKS for being up-front and honest about it!" (THAT is common also, but they are ALL VERY HONEST, and they tell you "What they want, and the 'terms'" when they write you! DON'T JUDGE THEM! At the very least, they were HONEST with you; They DID NOT waste your Time, and they DIDN'T try to scam you!), etc, etc... Some people are there "To Play 'The Meat Market'" (but they're honest about it). Some people want ONLY "Serious Relationships". Some people just want "To Meet people, have a small pool of friends to do fun things with from time to time, and to be occasional 'Safe-Sex-Friends'". Some people are looking for "A Serious Relationship, but are open to the Occasional 'Sleep over' also". So Write up Acceptance, AND POLITE REJECTION LETTERS, so you don't have to try to respond to all of the Mail, typing the same things over and over, and maybe insulting someone when you are rushed or tired or in a bad mood.. Again "Copy And Paste"!
"Hi ______, I just wanted to reply to say "Hi", and to Thank You for taking the time to flatter me by sending me your note. I've read your profile carefully several times... While reading, it didn't take long for me to realize that you're the type of Woman that makes me wish I were a better man. I admire your energy, enthusiasm, and your deep devotion to your religious beliefs. It's easy to see that you 'actually walk the walk' when it comes to your Faith, and your devotion to The Lord. Your profile shows right up front that 'Your Faith' is THE most important thing in your life. Those are ALL qualities I admire, and that I REALLY WISH *I* possessed. It's obvious that You're looking for a Man who has specific Traits that are VERY IMPORTANT to you... As badly as I dislike admitting it, 'I'm not that guy'. It would be BEYOND 'evil' of me to 'String you along' by pretending that I MIGHT BE the person you're looking for, while knowing I'm not, simply because you're attractive. I may not be 'deeply religious', but I DO have my own set of deeply held Morales, Values, and Beliefs; which I'd violate if I pretended to be a person I'm not, and ended up hurting someone who ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT deserve to be hurt. I've said in MY profile 'that I wouldn't waste a person's time if I knew I wasn't what they were looking for', I hope you'll give me a few 'Brownie Points' for honesty, while realizing how difficult it is for me to write a note like this to a VERY Attractive Female.
I really hope you find who/what you're searching for; and I hope your search isn't a long one.
Thank you again for considering me, and writing to me.
-- (Whatever-Name-I-Was-Using-At-The-Time)

Seriously.. This is A RELATIONSHIP we're discussing.. This MAY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT Decision you'll make, affecting the rest of your life!... Do you REALLY want to "Cheap out", "Lie", and just "randomly keep taking shots in the dark"??? I don't know HOW eHarmony matches people.. but the people you meet will be SO MUCH LIKE *YOU*, THAT IT WILL SCARE YOU!!! Their DOGS will often have the same name as YOUR Dog, and even be the same TYPE of Dog (and "What Is Your Dog's Name/Breed?" IS NOT on their questionnaire)!!!... But That's just one example that is VERY COMMON!!!! Unless you are just a TOTAL JERK, You'll end up AT LEAST having a LOT of Female Friends who are HIGHLY DECENT, RESPECTABLE, PEOPLE! The TIME it takes to fill out the APPLICATION to eHarmony (And YES! They DO Reject some Applications!), and the EXPENSE of their service, weeds out the Deadbeats, MOST of the Scammers ("I live from South Carolina, Very much I love the Country, it is in my heart, my home! I lived here my life ALL!" [yeah, and they're probably 'Russian-Nigerian Royalty' too ;) ), and you meet people who you just CLICK with! You'll have seen ALL of the same Movies, You'll have the same HOBBIES (IN DETAIL!), SHE will START telling a Story, and YOU will finish it, because THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO YOU ONCE TOO! Like I said, You WILL OFTEN BELIEVE that "They HAVE to be LYING," or "They've Researched me Somehow" or "They HAVE to have been stalking me!".. Nope, eHarmony's Services ARE JUST THAT UNBELIEVABLY GOOD!!!! You'll get a LOT of people who post 10 year old pictures "Because they haven't changed THAT much in 10 years..." (Uhhhh... yeah.. nuff said)... So SAY UP FRONT "I don't respond to people who don't have RECENT pictures in the Photo-Album section of their profile... Let's be honest, as bad as it sounds, 'Looks DO Matter'".

Don't be afraid to approach someone that does catch your attention. You may get rejected, but ya don't know until you try.

Males and Females... If you're reading this, then you have a computer.. most computers come with Printers. USE THEM! Pop over to Wal-Mart (with your Sun-Glasses on) and buy some of the heavy "Card Stock" printer paper... The kind you can print Business-Type Cards on. Stick a RECENT picture of yourself on the "Cards", along with as much contact information as you are comfortable giving out to strangers. In fact, print several different sheets of cards... maybe one set just has your picture, your first name, and a Hotmail E-mail address on them. Another set of cards may have your phone number on them for people you know a bit better. I call these "Date Cards". They work! With your picture on them, the person you gave one to doesn't have to try to remember "Which person gave me this card at the party?"... they can see you. You stand out.

Additionally, it doesn't matter if you're shy... all you have to do is walk up, smile, and hand them the card... if they aren't interested, they can toss the card, "No Harm, No Foul"... if they are interested, they'll contact you. Keep in mind though, if you wait for the perfect person to come to you, you'll be waiting a long long time... ya gotta take a chance, and sometimes ya gotta be a bit forward to get what you want.

With the World in the kind of shape it's in now, "Going it alone" is NOT the way to face the hard times that are only getting worse. Most of us need a partner... think about that word a second though... "Partner"... Not Slave, Not someone just to cook for you, or to support you (Or to suck you dry), but someone to stand beside you as you both prepare as a team to face an uncertain future!

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