*Quick and Easy Tick Removal*
By: TexasOk
30 May 2017

My dog got covered up in ticks and was I looking for a quick way to remove them.

I started using Tanac which is 10% Benzocaine and applying it to the belly of the ticks with a cotton swab and then just slightly pushing on it. I ended up switching over to Liquid Orajel which is 20% Benzocaine and got quicker results.

The tick will release and cling to the cotton swab.

If you run across a stubborn tick that is slow to release just skip it and go on to the next one, this gives the Benzocaine more time to work and I never failed on the 2nd attempt. Toss the ticks into a cup for later disposal and remember to keep the q-tip saturated with the Benzocaine. I was able to get approx 30 ticks off in just a few minutes with out having to use a pair of tweezers and taking a chance of leaving the head behind which could cause an infection.

Quick and easy !


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