*My Upside-Down Garden*
By: Lindy
14 July 2011

Material list:
Quantity Item Needed
2 2 5/8 Fence pipe 5'6" support pipes
1 2 5/8 Fence pipe 7' cut in half for the feet
4 3/4" x 14" 16 gauge solid angle iron
8 1/4 3" 20 bolts nuts and washers
1 2 1/2" Conduit pipe for desired length
6 T brackets
6 3" Carriage bolts and nuts for fencing

(If you wish to make it longer buy additional hardware for top and support...)

Start by cutting the feet, 2 5/8" 7', in half.

Cut 3/4 14" solid angle iron 4 pieces.

Drill holes on both ends of the angle iron.

I drilled the holes in the pipe as I went. Just keep in mind, when mounting the angle iron supports, that you want them spaced equally from corner. As extra safety I rounded angle iron corners, so if someone scraped against them they wouldn't get cut.

Assemble the feet to support pipe with T clamps, then use square and assemble angle iron supports.

Now assemble top pipe to base footing, then once again install angle iron supports.

I used other fence parts for hanging pots. Not the best fit, but it works.


Good luck and happy gardening.

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