By Eli

19 May 2003


Using ladders is really quite simple, but is also dangerous.

Ensure the bottom of the ladder is on a surface that will support the weight. Be sure the ladder can’t kick out from under you. If you have a second person have them "foot" the ladder. All they need to do is stand with their feet against the base of it. This will help prevent it from kicking out.

This is the approximate angle you want at the bottom

Here’s what it should look like against a roof. Be sure to have at least 12" above the roof level. This is for a handhold.

Be sure it is straight and not tilted off crooked

As you near the roof level, DO NOT step on any rung that is above the roof. If you do the ladder WILL kick out and then you will go crashing to the ground. The first rung below roof level is the last one you can stand on.

So when you reach this point, you can hold onto a rung above the roof level to stabilize yourself. Lean your upper body weight towards the roof and then step off the side of the ladder.


To get back on just reverse the process.

Safety Slogan- Like…Be Safe and Stuff


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