*Vest Contents*
By: Festus
06 August 2005


  1. Back small zipper pocket
  2. Bible

    GPS w/ batteries

    Ear plugs (9 PR)

    Space Blanket

    Large brown trash bags (2 Ea.)

  3. Back large zipper pocket
  4. Gloves, NOMEX

    Light sticks (4 EA)

    Green toothbrush

    MRE (2EA)

    MRE Accessories (1 packet)

    Saw w/ sheath

    Fishing kit

    550 Cord (100 FT)

    Repellant, Insect (DEET) (3 Ea.)

  5. Lt. side
  6. Holster

    Side arm (as required)

  7. Rt. Side pocket
  8. Water flask

    Water purification tablets

  9. Lower Lt. front pocket
  10. First Aid Kit


    Face camouflage kit

    Latex gloves


    Iodine w/ cotton swabs


  11. Middle Lt. outboard pocket
  12. Compass, lensatic (Mil spec)

    Fire starter

    Knife sharpener

    LED flashlight w/ batteries

  13. Middle Lt. inboard pocket
  14. Signal mirror

    Strobe, rescue


  15. Magazine pouch
  16. Pistol magazine (as required)

  17. Upper Lt. pocket
  18. Cleaning kit (weapon specific)

  19. Lower Rt. outboard pocket
  20. Knife, folding, w/ pocket clip


    Finger light w/ battery

    Ammunition (weapon specific)

    20 RNDS 12 GA or 40 RNDS 7.62

  21. Lower Rt. inboard pocket
  22. Knife, field w/ sheath

    Ammunition (weapon specific)

    20 RNDS 12 GA or 40 RNDS 7.62

  23. Magazine pouch
  24. Pistol magazine (as required)

  25. Upper Rt. pocket
  26. Binoculars, compact

  27. Shoulder Attach points
  28. Gerber tool or Leatherman PST


  1. Camel back (70 oz)
  2. Inside pockets

USAF Escape and Evasion Pamphlet

Topographical Map


I.D. Papers

Range correction cards for 7.62 at distances w/ mil dot scope



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