*Reolink Outdoor Solar Home Security Camera*
By: TooshieGalore
31 August 2018

I've had my Reolink Go Home Security Cameras installed for about 4 months. (2 of them)

These give good quality images and video, including night vision. I like that they are completely wireless with solar rechargeable batteries. I have a couple of places where running wires is not an option - no wires needed.

When I'm not home, I receive alerts on my cell phone. If I want, I can speak through 2-way mic with whomever is around. I can use the phone for remote access and view what's going on around the place.

The motion sensor has some kinda sensor on it so that squirrels and little varmints don't excite it. Two legged varmints always excite it.

Easy to install. No monthly fees. I got a phone number for local fire and police in case I need to call them for an emergency when I'm out of state. It's a new number that most stations have now because you can't call 9-1-1 when you're out of state and expect them to relay a message to your home-station.

It's small enough and fast enough to install that you can take it with you during camping trips or elsewhere.

It uses a micro SD card if you wish to store videos. You can also store on your phone or device.

Camera and solar panel about $150. Watch for it during Amazon Prime Days. I got mine 25% off.

I only use these cameras outdoors. I don't put smart technology indoors but they have indoor cameras too that are cheaper. So far the cameras have weathered well through the summer.



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